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Is it Worth It?

Is It Worth It?

Who says it’s better to give than to receive?
That’s just not the case when you wear your heart out on your sleeve.
I’m given my heart to so many women.
They’ve left me alone and abandoned.
People make you blind,
Women kick you down.
Is it truly worth it to keep getting back up?
To keep dusting yourself off?
I lie awake at night and cry myself to sleep,
Wondering whether or not I’ll be able to face a world full of women again.
I’ve had my heart broken one too many times,
Only to have it crushed again and again,
Twisted in hate and left to die in the gutter.

Is it worth it?
Worth the pain?
The misery?
The hatred?
Worth the trust in humanity?
I’m tired of exposing myself.
Tired of being ripped apart.
Tired of everything.
Tired of this so called ‘love.’
Sometimes I think it’s just a dream that people build up on.
People make love seem more than it really is.
That is if it really exists at all…
Hearts can break, opening new and past wounds,
Leaving scars upon the soul.
People can die from this.
I could…

Worst of all, they can die alone.
Alone in their one person bed,
Thinking of all the mistakes they’ve made.
How they’ve sat and moped and sulked all their life,
Wasting it, blaming their melancholy on the opposite sex.
When in truth they’re the losers.
Nice guys finish last. They truly do.
I’m a nice guy…
I’ve been left crawling towards the finish line.
I’d give anything for this race to be over.
Panting, sweating, dying…
In a race for happiness.
Is it really worth it?
—Mark Lenig
February 16, 2001
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