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Forces Against Me

Forces Against Me

My world is spinning slowly
Not hesitating to pick up speed
It would just take one more disappointment
One more tragedy is all I need…

Yes, I feel the mountains falling
Crushing me beneath
Burying me in the earth’s surface
Killing me slowly, making me weak

The seas are slowly rising
Why resist? Why fight?
Soon I will be drowning in misery
Alone, beneath the starry night

My walls are closing in
To flatten me as I write
I can’t help but wish that
Everything will turn out to be all right

Time is slowly ticking
The end is almost near
I feel as if I’m a time bomb
There’s no emotion here but fear

I feel my life is at an end
I’m just about to break
If only someone would stop to care
All the difference it would make…

—Mark Lenig
Written Spring 2000
Edited March 15, 2001
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