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A Part of Me Died

A Part of Me Died

In the end if I shall pass away,
How in turn will you greet each day?

Would you feel any different?
As if part of you died?
Would you even take away,
Part of your precious time to cry?

For part of me died that terrible day
When you packed your bags and went away.

Walked out of my life
And let me be.
For all that’s left of you now
Is a faded and torn memory,

A part of me died when you ended it all
I felt as if I was caught screaming, in an endless fall

Did you even know
How much that hurt?
You left me for another guy
Drove off spraying my crying face in a cloud of dirt

A part of me died when you went your separate way
Happiness isn’t ever free I've heard, in the end you have to pay

You killed me inside,
Left my heart broken and shattered
My world became forever dark
My life forever long and battered

For part of me died when you decided to see other men
It seems now in my life, the sun will never ever rise again…

—Mark Lenig
March 8, 2001
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