GREAT AUNT BELLE | By: Terry Collett | | Category: Short Story - Chronical Bookmark and Share


Great Aunt Belle
Certainly kept that
One quiet; kept that

Photo away from prying
Eyes. You have it now
Between fingers and thumbs,

The photograph with her
In her purple bathing
Costume and pink scarf;

With only a slight sign
Of age around the photo’s
Edges; but overall it’s

Survived quite well, unlike
Great Aunt who passed
Away in the back row of

The cinema watching some
French film with risqué
Scenes. You turn the photo

Over and see the scribbled
Words, See you Sunday,
Along the back in purple ink.

You smile and sniff the card:
Age, musky, old perfume still
Clinging, you think. You wonder

What she was thinking while
The photographer was taking
His shot; she seems somewhat

Pleased with herself, her hands
Holding a raised knee, showing
A fine thigh, a certain relaxing

Feel about her too. As if she’s
Looking back in not only time,
But also looking at you, saying

Maybe, what you doing gazing
At me like that, have you no respect
For age or realize who I am? You

Laugh softly to yourself. Quite a
Woman, Great Aunt Belle in that
1920s photo of a bathing beauty girl.

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