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When soft the purple evening fades to slumber,
When day and night in breathless magic merge,
Then wakes the soul in me to wonder
and wells within my heart a quivering awe.

The stillness of that hour now holds me fast.
To move,to breathe,would break the spell,

But to enjoy, to marvel at this act of nature,
This is my priviledge and my reward.

Now,in the blue sky far above the hills
The golden shapes their miracles perform.
And calls me from those forms a misty land,
Where heartís desires and happiness are found.

Then to my ears natureís musicians call
Playing their endless symphony again

As the day fades fast away and is no more.
Then wakes the soul in me to wonder
And well within my eyes the tears of longing,
But part of me forever has sublimed
Into the enchantment that has gone.

W.F.Randle. (Nov. 1962)

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