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The Sound

I’s the sound
The sound...that fills you

It’s all the sound. All you need is the sound. If all you have is
The sound
You have it all, you have everything, because the sound can fill you
It’s inside you, it’s your mind
Your mind
It’s your mind inside
It’s inside your mind

And when you have the sound, you have it all, because it’s all you need
It can fill you, fill you up from empty till you’re completely full, full to the point that you think you might just burst apart from the sound. It’s the only thing that can do that. People spend years and years and years and years looking for something, anything, something else to find that fill, to get that feeling, and they never even realize that they have it right from the beginning, that all they need is the sound.
The sound

You see, everybody has the sound, right from the beginning
But it’s different
For each person. For everybody, everybody has their own sound, their
But you can’t say it, you can’t speak it. You can’t tell others your sound,
And so,
You can’t hear anybody else’s sound. You can’t hear it, because you can’t speak it

But that’s what jazz is
It’s the way to hear the sound. Because you can’t speak it, but you can play it
Sing it, strum it, or beat it,
You can play your sound. So when you hear jazz, that’s what you’re hearing

You’re hearing somebody else’s sound.

And when you have the sound, you have everything.
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