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My baby sister

Katie didn't want to play with her little sister. Why should she all molly ever did was ruin their games. Katie was seven now! That is much too old to play baby games with her 2-year-old sister.

Katie could remember what it was like before molly came along. Mum and dad would spend loads of time with Katie, at the park, the beach, and getting ice cream on Saturday mornings. Then molly came and ruined it all. Dad could not take Katie for ice cream on Saturday mornings because molly napped at 12. The whole family could not go to the beach together because the sand got in molly's eyes. Everything was about molly now.

Katie was not jealous of Molly; she was just fed up of never having her mum and dad to herself. Why should she have to share them all the time?

Molly was always trying to cuddle Katie, to hold her hand; her first word was 'ka ka' because she was too dumb to say Katie properly. Katie wished Molly had never joined the family. She really did.

One morning Katie got up for school, she was really tired, Molly had been crying all night long. When Katie got to the kitchen there was no cereal laid out for her, her book bag wasn't hanging on the chair and her lunchbox was empty on the counter. Had mum and dad completely forgotten about her?

'Muumm' screamed Katie, but there was no answer, instead her dad came running down the stairs, 'Katie, it's ok I'm here'. Why wasn't dad at work? Where was mum? Why couldn't Katie hear molly crying anymore? Dad could see the confusion on Katie's face; he sat her down on the stairs and explained what was happening. Last night molly's temperature had risen to a massive height. Mum had been so worried that she had taken her to the hospital. The doctor said Molly had to stay in overnight. Katie could feel her heart in the throat, tears welling up in her eyes. Had her wish come through? Was Molly never coming back? Katie didn't want that, she would play with her sister everyday if she wanted, she would look after her and cuddle her. She would help mum look after her after school, she promised she would do all those things if only her sister would come home.

Dad held Katie close to him. He told her they would go and see Molly today. Katie went into her room and got her favourite teddy, cuddles, she never let Molly play with him, but now she decided she was going to give cuddles to Molly. Anything to make her sister smile.

When Molly got home from hospital the next day Katie was so glad to see her, and to this day the two sisters are the best of friends.

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