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Daisy dragon


Daisy Dragon was a big dragon who lived in a big cave at the end of willow woods. Daisy had lots and lots of neighbours, but she was a very lonely dragon as she spent her days alone in her big cave.

Poor Daisy dreamed of being friends with all the other animals in Willow woods, she would look out the window and see Suzie squirrel and Harry hedgehog playing in the meadows, skipping and laughing. Once Daisy tried to join in but when she came out of her cave Suzie squirrel and Harry hedgehog screamed ran away. Daisy Dragon knew that all the animals were scared of her because of her big tail, and because every time she took a deep breath fire would come out of her big mouth.

This made Daisy dragon very sad, she really was quite a nice dragon. But there was one animal who was not scared of Daisy dragon, Finn fox knew how Daisy felt, the other animals were scared of him too until they got to know him. Finn fox had tried to befriend Daisy, but she thought Finn fox was just pretending to like her because everybody knows foxes are sly.

One day while Daisy dragon was out picking flowers for her cave she overheard Suzie squirrel and Harry hedgehog discussing Betty badgers birthday party

“What are you getting Betty badger for her birthday?” asked Harry Hedgehog,

“I’m going to bake an enormous triple chocolate fudge cake, I know she will just love it!” exclaimed Suzie squirrel.

Daisy dragon was sad because she knew no-body would ever invite her to the party.

Over in Suzie squirrels house there was a lot of commotion, Suzie had baked an enormous triple chocolate fudge cake, she had even went to the shop to buy a big candle with the number 7 on it, for that was Betty badgers age. But she had no matches to light the candle, she knew she needed a grown up like Finn fox to light the candle but when she asked him, he too had no matches! So together Finn fox and Suzie squirrel went to ask everybody in the woods for matches before the party got started.

Suzie squirrel was quite disappointed, but Finn fox had an idea. He told Suzie squirrel that the only way they could light the candles was if Daisy dragon did it with the flames from her big mouth.

Suzie squirrel was scared but she really wanted to light the candle after all the effort she put into baking the birthday cake.

Daisy was surprised when she saw Suzie squirrel and Finn fox at her door, she was a bit nervous about following them to Suzie squirrel’s house but she was just glad they were talking to her and not running away like the animals usually did.

When they got to Suzie’s house, Daisy saw the enormous triple chocolate fudge cake

“Mmmm I’d love a slice of that cake” she thought. But instead she huffed and puffed and with one big gasp Daisy dragon had lit the candle. The other animals cheered and Daisy blushed.

With that Daisy turned to walk out the door when suddenly the best thing that ever happened Daisy happened right at that minute, the other animals started to shout

“Don’t go Daisy Dragon, don’t go!” The other animals had realised Daisy Dragon wasn’t scary at all, in fact she was friendly and kind.

From that day on Daisy dragon became the best of friends with all the animals In Willow woods. She even got the biggest slice of the enormous triple chocolate fudge cake!

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