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Freewrite 2010

The following writing is just freewritten fiction. Kind of.



My mom keeps yelling, "Boy, take yo' black ass to bed!!!"

And she has good reason to. It's going on 1 in the morning and I'm still up. With a class to go to at 10:30. Why the crap am I still up? My brain doesn't has an answer. My gut just tells me to roll with it and stay up just a little bit longer.

I'm approaching the last week of school. Praise Jesus! Finally free! Then my brain reminds me that summer classes begin right after the week after next. Damn. Screw anyone and everything having to do with college. That's what my younger brother would say. He's always saying stuff like "stupid extra big," or " huge dumbass." What is that? It ain't a sentence! The other day we were walking down the street on our way to class and we came across this gorgeous chick with a huge chest, and he goes, "hey man, ol' girl had some stupid-extra-big-dumbass tits!"

And I wanted to knock his butt out. And I'm pretty sure that if she had heard, she'd knock his butt out too. For real, wtf? What would make you want to put those words all in a sentence?! Lord help the world. Gotta go though. My mom is threatening to kick down my door and I got a feeling that after she's done breaking it down, she's gonna beat me with it.

Over and out.

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