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South-eastern Corth'nar

 Warning: "Read Many" meetings before this

South-eastern Corth'nar

All characters and events in this story are fictitious.

 Any resemblance to real persons, dead or alive, and events, is purely coincidental.



Looking around the dark tavern room, Alice takes a long slow sip of her ale. A few guests beside her is present, a couple of big wolves sitting in a corner, a sleezy looking weasel eyed her when she entered and some smaller, though still rather large, wolves sitting in the middle, looking like farmers, she thinks for herself.

Alice, having spent the last three months in this region learning what she could from the locals and helping out a few places where it was needed, had learned enough of the local dialect to understand most of what the guests were talking about.

Putting her mug down on the table, the three farmer wolves get up and walk towards her, talking a bit too loud with each other considering how close together they are and then they laugh at her, the 'leader' wolf places his right foot on a chair and leans forward towards Alice, smiling at her with his yellow teeth.

"What's a pretty thing like you doin' here missy?" even though she understands the local dialect the wolf's sentence was nearly a complete mess of noises.

Looking up at him, she says in a polite tone in the local dialect, "I'm just travelling through and I would appreciate it if you talked a bit lower, I'm not deaf, sir"

Leaning closer the wolf breathes his foul breath directly into her face, "Ya' shouldn't be travellin' alone in such a place missy, it'll mean troubles for ya'" the two wolves behind him laugh and Alice lets out a soft sigh, "Sir, I ask you nicely to lower your voice and I would prefer if you left me alone"

The 'leader' wolf laughs out loud, "I don't think so missy" he reaches out to touch her face and the two bigger wolves in the corner had gotten up, one of them shouting across the room to leave the tiger alone, the two farmer wolves just laughed at that and shouted back at them to shut their mouths when they don't have the courage to do something about it, making the wolves sit down again.

Alice sighs and stares right into the 'leader' wolf's eyes, making him hesitate briefly but then continues to reach out for her face.

"Touch me and I'll break your jaw" she says in a cool voice, making all three laugh and the 'leader' brushes his hand roughly against her cheek, she grips two of his fingers and twists his hand around, away from her face and swings her other hand swiftly towards his jaw making him disoriented as she hits him, though not breaking anything. Seeing this the two wolves stop laughing and glares at her, still holding onto the 'leader's fingers she gets up and making a spinning kick as she lets go of his fingers she hit with her hard heel right onto his jaw, making it break with a loud crunching sound and falling into his friends with a loud scream, pulling one of them with him on the floor, the other lunges out to hit her, but she dodges and aims a punch at his ribs not doing much damage and jumps over the table to get a bit more room, recovering quickly from the punch the wolf turns around, facing her and jumps towards her, she dodges and he plummets to the floor, tables and chair flying around and falling down on him, the bartender hiding behind his counter, the weasel having left before the fight started, the two bigger wolves looking unsure of they should help the stranger tiger or not.

Waiting for the wolf to get back up the other wolf who had been dragged down by their leader gets up and tries to get a hold of her from behind, but she hears him and makes another spin kick, hitting him right in the face, blood flying out and sending him to the floor again, the leader slowly gets up as the first wolf attacks, demanding Alice's attention again. He swings out trying to hit her and she dodges again, then aiming a kick at his stomach, making him stumble and follows up with a punch to the jaw making him stumble a few steps backwards.

The 'leader' stands a little unsure and as Alice aims another kick at the first wolf sending him to the floor he makes a run out of the door, the second wolf getting up seeing their leader run he follows after. The last one slowly getting up, Alice walks over to him and looks him directly in the eyes, "Say to your leader, that if he tries anything like that again, I will kill him and all following him, understood?" he swallows and nods, getting up he follows after his friends.

Alice turns to the bar, "Bartender!" the bartender gets up from his hiding place, looking frightened "I'm very sorry about that, I will pay for the destroyed tables and chairs" still looking frightened he says in a weak voice, "Thank you ma'am, but they have been a pain for a while now and I'm just glad to be rid of them, it looked like you taught them a lesson, now those two couldn't do it" he stares at the two big wolves, who look ashamed "so don't worry about paying."

Alice smiles a little, "Well that is very generous of you, glad I could help you with those guys" she then smiles at the two bigger wolves, "See you later guys" she walks upstairs to her room.


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