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Many Meetings


Many Meetings

All characters and events in this story are fictitious.

 Any resemblance to real persons, dead or alive, is purely coincidental.




Many Meetings. 1

Introduction. 2

Leah Maya MacLean. 3

Birth & early childhood. 4

Late childhood. 4

Teen years & early adult years. 4

Holly May Taylor. 6

Birth & early childhood. 7

Late childhood. 7

Teen years & early adult years. 7

Rachael Frost & Seth Frost. 8

Birth & early childhood. 10

Late childhood. 10

Teen years & early adult years. 10

Kay Denzel 11

Birth & early childhood. 12

Late childhood. 12

Teen years & early adult years. 12

Alice Delaney. 13

Birth & early childhood. 14

Late childhood. 14

Teen years & early adult years. 14

Ending note. 15







The following stories are an introduction to the main characters and their lives before the time of future stories, which these characters will play a major role in. It is an account for each of the characters until the day where we will follow them for the first time (not counting this collection of stories, of course).

Before each of the stories is a detailed character description of how the character in that story is going to look at the end of the story. I hope you will enjoy the following stories.



Leah Maya MacLean


Name:  Leah Maya MacLean


Age: 23

Gender: Female

Species: Wolf

Fur Colour: Light grey, white on the front, from neck to waist

Hair: Shoulder long, white with a shade of pink and darker pink tips, usually set in a spiky style, going outwards at the tips

Eye Colour: Sky blue

Build: Average, slender arms and legs, long nails/claws, wolf ears and nose, short fur, slightly stiff at the tips, got a slightly bushy tail going to the floor when she's standing at her 165 cm. A little above average sized breasts


Outfit: Leather bracelet on her left wrist, various dark blue button-down vests and tight pants, dark blue shin length boots


Occupation: Average quality clothes trader

Personality and Demeanour: Is welcoming and eager to talk with new people, doesn't hold back about an opinion, open-minded towards most things and seems competitive at times, loves parties, easy at making friends

Other: Scottish accent



Birth & early childhood


Leah was born in the small town of Woodsgate on the small island of Sarth, located in the cold waters of the north, just west of Aee. Her parents worked as the local tailors in town, providing the townsfolk with their everyday clothes, making just enough money to make a living of it.

Her early years was rather uneventful, the only thing happening was a minor storm about a year after her birth, only making little damage to a few of the sturdy houses in the town.

She grew healthily, not getting any illness or weaknesses leading to an early death.


Late childhood


When Leah turned six she had become friends with the two others born around the same time as her, as well as many of the older children, all seeming to like her.

She spent most of her days playing with the other kids on the streets or right outside the town, on the sparse grass field there. As she got older she developed close ties with the one other girl at her age and they rarely went anywhere alone.


Teen years & early adult years


As she got into her teen years her body changed and became more feminine, her breasts growing and already from an early age her breasts were slightly bigger than those of the females around her age. The males started noticing both Leah and her best girl friend in a new way and at the age of 15 she got her first boyfriend.

Shortly after her 16th birthday her mother fell ill to a particular persistent cold and she started helping her father with the clothes for the townsfolk, spending less time with her friends, but as she worked she found out she enjoyed the work and that she was good at it as well, often her father would appraise her. She didn't forget her friends and she spend as much time with them as she could.

Three years later her mother was still ill, though she could work a little, Leah had more or less taken over her part of the business and one evening her father pulled her aside and told her he had been saving some money for a few years now and he wanted her to go to a school where she could learn more about the tailoring business but also more refined designs and techniques, the only problem was the school was located in Malland, the large country in the centre of the world and he had saved enough money to send here there and let her finish the education. At first she didn't want to go because her mother was ill and she would feel like leaving them at a bad time, but eventually her father convinced her to leave and in the spring, a few months before her twentieth birthday she left for the tailoring and designing school of Malland.

She left her homeland after saying bye to her family and friends, travelling through Aee and halfway across Malland, reaching the capital city of the western region where the school was located. She studied hard, learned a lot and quickly advanced through the classes, two years after her departure her best girl friend had moved the Malland, living close by and they often spend time together when Leah found the time. About a year later she finished her education and with the money she had saved during her school years she bought a small shop with a small apartment above, starting her own trade in an average sized village a few miles from the capital city, quickly gaining the villagers respect.



Holly May Taylor


Name: Holly May Taylor


Age: 20


Gender: Female


Species: Cat/Panther


Fur Colour: Dark blue/Black


Hair: Length to middle back/scapula area, dark colour, brown/black


Eye Colour: Blue/green mix, human like


Build/appearance: Average/thin, no too thin, just in the area between thin to average, about 180 cm tall. She got cat ears, black cat-like nose, a fluffy tail going to the floor and canines, long enough to be just visible with closed mouth. Just below average sized breasts.



Outfit: Shin length dark skirt, thigh length dark boots, tight fitting long sleeved white shirt, open at the cleavage, gold necklace.


Occupation: Tavern/inn mistress

Employees: Katie - cat, 22, light golden fur and hair, shoulder length; Kia - wolf, 20, dark grey fur, black hair, collected in a braid down her back, ending at her butt; Jennie - tiger, 23, orange/black striped fur, blood red middle back length hair; Catherine - cat 24, black fur, dark brown middle back length hair; Emily - panther, 20, dark golden fur, light upper back length hair - All wearing a similar outfit to Holly


Personality and Demeanour: Gets very attached to friends, hides in the background, not liking big crowds. She is friendly toward strangers and talkative when around few people.


Birth & early childhood


Holly was born in the capital city of Aee, a peninsula northwest of Malland. Her parents had an average income, her father working with teaching teenagers how to prepare for the adult life, her mother working as a waitress in a rather expensive restaurant. Nothing interesting happened during Holly's early years and so she grew as a normal child in the capital.

Late childhood


When she was about seven her parents sent her to the school for the district they lived in, for her to learn about the world and knowledge in general. At the age of nine she had a few friends, her best friend being Kay, the wolf who moved to the city a couple of years after Holly began in school, being four years older than her, they often had different school times and had problems keeping up the friendship.

Teen years & early adult years


As Holly reached her teen years her body started to change, Kay had finished school a year before, spent his extra free time training his body. When they could, they spend time together. As Holly grew she started dressing more seducing and eventually her and Kay started a different relationship, more physical. Holly left school a year before she had to, not wanting to finish it and focused on learning how to waitress instead. As Holly turned 19 she moved out from her parents, moving to the capital of the middle region of Malland, getting her own place and half a year later, taking a big loan she started her own tavern and hired a few girls to help her waitress.



Rachael Frost & Seth Frost



Name: Rachael Frost


Age: 20

Gender: Female

Species: Raccoon

Fur Colour: Grey/Black striped, brushed soft

Hair: Shoulder length, crude ponytail, dark green

Eye Colour: Brown/grey

Build: Athletic, agile, muscular without being big, about 175 cm tall, floor length smooth tail, relatively small breasts



Outfit: Shin length dark leather boots with a small heel, black tight fitting leather pants with silver vines going up the sides, black leather belt with a double edged short sword attached, tight fitting leather chest piece, open at cleavage and showing a little of her stomach, fingerless gloves, two katanas crossed at hidden sheaths on the back of her chest piece only showing the handles, silver necklace with a heart around her neck, two silver earrings in her right ear, one at the bottom and one halfway up, three in her left ear, two at the bottom and one at the tip. A tongue piercing of silver and one of silver as well in the navel

Occupation: Lord less light armoured fighter/adventurer

Personality and Demeanour: Laughs a lot, outgoing, always happy for a fight, doesn't bother about listening to advice, making her own mistakes, intelligent when she bothers to concentrate long enough, can be charming, and rough speak most often




Name: Seth Frost


Age: 26


Gender: Male

Species: Raccoon

Fur Colour: Light grey/black striped

Hair: Shoulder length, bound into a crude ponytail at the nape of his neck, dark blue

Eye Colour: Dark grey

Build: Muscular, agile, about 195 cm, floor length tail



Outfit: Shining silver coloured mail armour, looking like scales, without a helmet, looking like it can take a beating without being too heavy, double edged long sword at his side


Occupation: Lord less heavy armoured fighter/adventurer

Personality and Demeanour: Seem quiet most of the time, though when he speaks, it is with a deep bas, is intelligent and most often finds the best solution on a problem, helpful towards his family and friends




Birth & early childhood


Rachael and Seth were born in a minor village in the southern region of Malland, their parents being simple farmers. Seth was born first, the birth made his mother look thinner and more fragile. Nothing special happened in the first six years of his life, he had just started helping his parents as Rachael was born, their mother dying as she gave birth to her. The following years their father raised Rachael and Seth as well as took care of the field they had, Seth helping as good as he could. When Rachel was four and Seth ten the village was attacked by marauding bandits which burned down the village and killed most of the population, including Rachael and Seth's father. They ran with the last survivors of the village, into the wilderness.

Late childhood


Shortly after, the survivors were taken in by a group of nomads, who fed them and gave them shelter, inviting them to join them.  As the years went by Rachael grew more, learning the ways of the nomads, how to survive, Seth learned the same and started to train the way of the sword, his growing really taking speed and he stood taller than most of the adult nomads though he was still a teenager.

Teen years & early adult years


As Rachael reached her teen years she started training in the way of the sword as well, though with her smaller body, she started to rely more on speed and surprise, opposite Seth who took the more direct form of attack, though he was nearly as agile as his sister. As they grew they got better in the use of their swords and as Rachael turned 16, they left the nomad group to venture on their own, as a parting gift the nomads had made a steel armour set for Seth and a doubled edged sword and a lighter dark tainted leather set for Rachael as well as two swords, fitting in two hidden sheaths in the chest piece.

Travelling around Malland, they helped various small villages and towns, sometimes joining one or the other army to give a helping hand. Rachael changed her outfit she had gotten from the nomads out with a slightly more revealing one, still with sword sheaths hidden in the back of the chest piece.



Kay Denzel


Name: Kay Denzel


Age: 24

Gender: Male

Species: Wolf

Fur Colour: Dark Grey

Hair: Same colour as the fur.

Eye Colour: Blue colored human looking eyes.

Build: Athletic and agile looking build with a mix of muscles, stands at 189 cm with a slight bushy and ragged tail going to right above his heels, human like face, somewhat spiky wild hair covering a bit of his forehead and the back of his neck, wolf like nose and ears, long sharp claws he can extract and retract at will, normal teeth with relatively sharp canines, usually visible when his mouth is open


Occupation: Hireable mercenary, body guarding, info retrieving, assassination, soldier for hire etc.


Personality and Demeanour: Usually calm, lazy, easy going and playful, can be serious but only if necessary, feels strongly about his friends and loyal, thinks mostly of others before himself, can be competitive when having a good time and open minded about the most, dislikes really big crowds and enjoys the company of one to three the most.




Birth & early childhood


Kay was born in a small village in the land of Corth'nar, his parents working as hunters/scouts for the local ruler. They took good care of him and the first years of his life were rather uneventful, then around the age of four bandit attacks grew more frequent and Kay's parents was sent far out to scout for the bandits, to see if any would launch an attack. In the meanwhile Kay was being raised by an elderly couple, the man being an old soldier and he entertained Kay with tales of adventures he had been on, the following years Kay's parents only came home for a few days every few months, because the bandits were amassing in the south and eastern regions.

Late childhood


When Kay was eleven, a minor attack on the village was launched, though nothing was destroyed, a few of the local guardsmen were killed and Kay's parents together with the other adults were talking about moving the entire population further north, as they were far from any other villages as they were situated in a small valley.

Teen years & early adult years


Around his 13th birthday the whole village moved out in the cover of the night and the following day the bandits attacked the empty village, the village people making their way to the closes larger town further north, but Kay's parents didn't follow them, they kept walking north and eventually made it to Malland and from there to Aee and after a few months they settled in the capital city and got Kay into the district school, where he made a few friends, his best friend becoming the four years younger cat, Holly May, though because of their age difference they had different time schedules and so it was hard to maintain their friendship, but they did it. As he grew further into his teens his physical size continued to grow, far outgrowing his fellow students and he started working out in his spare time and finishing school he started working harder and got some small jobs around the city.

Eventually Holly grew into a rather attractive woman and she started dressing in revealing clothes and soon their relationship evolved to something more physical. Short after Kay got a feeling to see the world and he said his goodbye to Holly and went out in the world, where he learned the way of different weapons and at the age of 24 he had mastered many weapons and had tried out many things, still adventurous he travels the lands looking for things to do.



Alice Delaney


Name: Alice Delaney


Age: 25


Gender: Female

Species: Tiger

Fur Colour: Dark grey (near black), Black striped

Hair: Going to the middle of her back, curly, black with violet & dark blue stripes

Eye Colour: Dark violet/blue

Build: Slender, athletic, curvy, soft fur, long tail, can drag along the floor if relaxed, about 185 cm tall, average sized breasts, dark slanted eyes


Outfit: Sturdy tight fitting dark leather set, slender single edged long blade at her hip


Occupation: Traveller/adventurer

Personality and Demeanour: Open-minded, clever, friendly, often plays with her hair

Other: Fluid walk and movements



Birth & early childhood


Alice was born in the capital of Archmane, as the daughter of the ruling family. Her first years was disciplined but also filled with games and fun. Around the age of four she started learning about her heritage and everything else she needed to know when she had to rule one day and how to climb trees fast and silently.

Late childhood


When she turned eight her mother started instructing her in the way of the bow and arrow and started training her body, her strength, agility and flexibility. Around her 10th birthday she started training with the single edged sword of her homeland and combined it with her archery skills.

Teen years & early adult years


At her 16th birthday she met up with her father, who told her it was time for her to go on the ceremonial and traditionally ten-year-travel to broaden her horizon about other races, to learn their strengths and weaknesses and use her knowledge of the other lands to rule Archmane when her time rises.

She set out on the mandatory task and travelled far and long, meeting up with other adventurers or travelling alone at other times.



Ending note

I hope you enjoyed reading the stories and I hope you got to get to know the main characters for my future stories well, so you don't have to come back to this document every time you read a new story of mine set in this universe.

I will be glad for any comments to improve my writing, whether it's stories, ideas or just because I can't spell properly and you have found some grammatical errors, please do say it, so I can correct it and learn. We learn as long as we live.


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