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Talking Worm

The Talking Worm

The other day while working around the yard, I heard a noise, a mumble, a voice. The words were coming from under a piece of slate. I lifted the slab of slate, and to my surprise, there it was, a TALKING WORM. Wow, I always knew worms were different than other bugs, but this was insane. The worm was asking me stupid questions, but I was afraid to answer him. He asked me, Whats a slug?, whats a butterfly?, what do fish eat? So I freaked out and dropped the slate and ran away.

Later that day, I went back to the slate where the talking worm was hiding. Only this time I brought some friends to prove it, that the worm talks!!! I lifted the slate and oh no, the worm was in two; the slate chopped the worm in half when I dropped it. The worm was still talking, but this time it wasnt talking to me. Strange as it may seem, the worm was talking to himself. It was asking itself questions like, are you me? Yes, Im me, are you you? Yes, Im me!! And it was making stupid statements like, I feel like you today. You look like how I feel, Im lost without you. The whole thing was really nuts, so my friends and I lowered the slate slowly and left promising one another never to tell anyone of our encounter with the Talking Worm.

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