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Not Bad Pretty Good

Not Bad Pretty Good


Every day when I go to work I wind up spending some time on a train platform.  Waiting for a train is both boring and annoying, but it’s what I have to do to get to work.  While waiting, I run into the same people day in and day out.  They’re not friends but people whom I’ve become friendly with.  I have to see them so I’m nice to them – I like to call it small talk – keeping the conversation short and sweet.  When I see this man named Paul, he always says, “Hi Dave, how are you?” and I reply, “Not bad.”  Then he’ll say, “How’s everything?” and I’ll say, “Pretty good.”  Then he would say, “How’s the family?”  And I would say, “Not bad.”  Then he would ask, “How’s work?” and I would say, “Pretty good.”  Then he would say, “Nice day, isn’t it?”  And I would say, “Yeh, not bad.”  After this small talking conversation with Paul, this older woman who is also on the platform every day says, “Hey, Dave, how are you?” and once again I reply, “Not bad.”  Well once again, I could go on and on.  Let’s just say Paul and this older woman are just two out of six people I see every morning on the train platform.  And every one of them ask small talk questions so before my day even gets started, I say “Not Bad and Pretty Good” over six dozen times.


            How’s my story?  Don’t tell me not bad, right!!!  Pretty good, huh?



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