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The Floods Over

The Floods Over

The pants that the man wore were dragging to the floor, way too long.  The day was young and fingers pointed to the extra-long pants.  People all over were pointing and laughing at this poor man’s pants.  There had not been rain in weeks and the land was dry without any moisture in the air.  Day in and day out, the pants seemed to grow longer.  The poor old man had no money and just one pair of pants which he was tripping over.  He became the town’s eyesore and everyone was in on the chuckle.


            The day came after a three week dry spell – it rained and rained.  When it was over, the town was flooded, and in certain areas, the water was as high as five feet.  The poor old man still went about his business dragging around the town doing whatever homeless people do.  Days passed and the dry spell returned; blistering, sweltering heat blasted through the town.  The water slowly evaporated and the puddles were soaked up by the sun’s rays.  The man began to dry out.


            The pants which the moneyless man was wearing dried up and shrank.  He went about his business and heard from all the rude people in the streets, “HEY, THE FLOOD’S OVER!” 



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