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The Search

If you look within the deepest valleys of my soul, you'll find a place
where the battle for my salvation rages even as my time grows short.

Within this world, my world of darkness and dread, there is but one
flicker of light which could be my redemption. Yet how to find the
one of millions, the one hand which could guide me through this
battlefield unscathed does not seem within my abilities to comprenend.

At times I feel so very close, as if by only turning I'll find her
waiting, waiting and wearing the smile I've only seen in my dreams.
Yet like the waves which continue to arrive on the shore only to
dissipate at their journeys end, so does my vision of that which I

Half my sand now rests at the bottom of the glass, yet my burden grows
more heavy not lighter as each grain falls. To give in, to rest would
be so easy, thought if I rest I fear my journey will reach the
conlusion I have feared thoughout my adult lifetime. For in this
nightmarish ending, I and I alone will be there as my last grain of
sand touches bottom. It's at this time I will know my war is truly

R.F. Mayes
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