LOVE CANNOT LAST. | By: Terry Collett | | Category: Short Story - Introspective Bookmark and Share


Love cannot last, Auntie
Said, walking you back
To camp where Uncle

Was stationed, her hand
Gripping yours, her voice
Carrying over hedges and

Fields, disturbing birds,
Causing their flight, all
Love dies, she added,

Looking down at you, her
Eyes hawk like, peering.
She had many sayings

Like that, uttered out
Loud, sharp as blades,
Piercing as needles:

Always stand when a
Lady enters the room,
Although none ever

Did, only Auntie or
Now and then, Gran,
On her short stopovers,

But you always stood
Soldier like, stiff, with
Arms at your side. Don’t

Talk with your mouth full,
She’d say over dinner,
Jabbing the table with

Her middle finger, her
Voice reaching out to
You like a drowning man,

And the dog in its basket
Peering out, whining softly,
Wanting its supper, and you

Shaking your head and licking
Your lips, watching as Auntie
Waddled from the table as

A duck from water, saying
Over her shoulder, to none
In particular, love cannot last,

All love dies, and her voice
Rose up high and drowned
Out the old dog’s cries.

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