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Hindel Kidz 9: Back To School

Hindel Kidz 9:

Back To School


Elissa wanted the baby goats to come to her class again. Grace liked going to school and letting the kids see the goats. Smokey and Midnight were only eleven days old when they went to school.

When Jack, Sven and Grace arrived, they weren’t sure where they were supposed to go. Jack was holding Midnight and Grace was holding Smokey. Usually Smokey would cry more than Midnight, but not this time.

The first grade class came outside and Jack let them pass the twins around. Whenever one of them would cry, the kids would all laugh and then make noises to try and get them to cry again. The teacher asked, “Do they have names?”

“No,” Jack replied.

“Class, what do you think we should name them?”

One boy said, “Horny,” because Smokey and Midnight had just had their horns burned off not too long ago. All baby goats had their horns burned off by the time they were one week old. If their horns were not burned off, they would become big and thick and could be dangerous.  One girl said they should name Smokey, Snowy because of his white streaks of fur. 

When the kids set the goats down, Smokey and Midnight would try and run away. Of course, the kids ran with them. When they would get too far away, Grace would go after Smokey and Sven would go after Midnight.

They kept yelling, “Don’t let go of the leash!” If they did, then Sven and Grace would never be able to catch the twins.

After that all the kids kept asking, “Can I walk the goat?”

“We aren’t going to let them down any more,“ Jack said.

Smokey was crying like crazy.

“Is he all right?” asked one little boy.

“He is scared and misses his mother,” Grace said.

“Do they have a mother?”

 Sven tried to show them how to hold the goat so it felt safe. Grace just held Smokey and let the kids pet him.

When they were getting ready to leave, Kristin came running across the parking lot.

“Can you bring the goats to my class?”

Halfway there about twelve kids wanting to pet the goat mobbed Grace. They were saying, “Oh, look at the puppy!”

“I consider that to be an insult,” Smokey thought.

They were able to let Smokey and Midnight walk around by themselves in Kristin’s room so they didn’t cry as much. When it came time for recess, the teacher said,” Anyone who wants to stay inside and pet the goats some more can.”

All the kids went out for recess.


Bree was going to show Smokey, or as she called him, Harley, at the fair just because he was different. Again she didn’t work with him. Jack went out and tried to walk Smokey and Midnight around the pen. They got on their hind legs and pulled, cried and fought tooth and nail. Jack made Bree help tattoo Smokey’s ears. All the goats shown at the fair have to have their ears tattooed with a certain code for that year. Bree got upset because she saw a little bit of blood…and she wanted to be a medical assistant?

Sven and Grace wanted to watch the goat show because they wanted to see Smokey make a fool out of Bree. That morning they went and found Smokey’s pen. Sven walked right in there, picked him up and started petting him. A few people looked at him strange. Maybe they thought he was going to walk away with Smokey. When it came time for Bree’s turn to show, she was holding Smokey’s collar so tight she was practically choking him.

Bree came in next to last place. They only gave ribbons for first through third place.

“She would have had a better chance at placing if she took Midnight,” Jack said.

 They also wondered why Bree didn’t show Nibby.

“Wouldn’t it be funny if we showed Nibby and won?” Sven said. “ Then Bree would have been beaten out by her own goat!”

At the end of the fair there was an auction where most of the kids sold their animals.  That was the way Kristin got Merlin. They didn’t know if they were going to sell Smokey in the auction or not because so far they hadn’t signed him up. They found out later, the person who wanted Smokey was also going to buy Midnight. This guy was going to call Smokey, Harley and Midnight was going to be known as Davidson. Go figure. Jack said he kind of missed seeing them run up on the spool during feeding time.


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