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My name is Sue Young. I am 9 years old and have a twin sister named whinny. I was born in Tokyo Japan and lived there my whole life that is until a month ago. I know what your thinking what happened a month ago, you see my parents were killed in a car accident, so my sister and I were sent to live with our grandmother who lived in Winnipeg Manitoba. That is all the way in Canada. I was so mad because I loved Tokyo and I didnít want to leave all my friends behind. I was also sad because of what had happened to my parents. The very minute my sister and I had got to Winnipeg someone had said some racist remark to us. I canít even say what they had said it was just so wrong. My grandmother met us outside of the airport. We then took a bus to Portage and Donald, then we had to take another bus to Prevette Street. I couldnít believe it Winnipeg was nothing like Tokyo at all. My grandmothers apartment was very small and run down. The first night we stayed there I couldnít even sleep I was so scared. People were screaming and fighting. Every time I closed my eyes I could just picture someone breaking the door down. After a week or so I got used to it. The only thing I still canít get used to is the racist comments. I hear people saying on buses that chinks shouldnít be here, they should go back to where they had come from. One day my sister whinny and I were playing out by the apartment when this kid came out of the apartment building. He stops right by us and asks who we were. He then asks us where we had come from and after we told him he told us his name. His name was Joey Gram and he lived in this apartment building. After that introduction the three of us were always together. On a beautiful summer day Whinny, Joey and I went to City Place to go shopping around. After we were done shopping we had to walk down to the MTS Center to wait for our bus. As we were walking this van came driving slowly behind us. The people in it was yelling out some pretty racist remarks. I just ignored it but whinny she just couldnít. She stopped and yelled back at them, and next thing I knew the people in the van got out and grabbed whinny. Joey and I tried to get whinny, but before we knew it Whinny was shoved into the van and the people were already in the van. Before they sped away the driver yelled this is what happens when chinks come where they donít belong. I ran all over the place to try and find someone to help but I guess people were too scared because they just walked away. I knew my grandmothers phone number so I called her right away. My grandmother couldnít believe it, she then told me that Joey and I should go stand inside the MTS Center until she got there. So joey and I did what we were told. I was so shaken up. When my grandmother got there she was with two police officers . I could tell that they were not too interested in what we were telling them. We only really talked to them for all of five minutes before they said that they had to leave. They told my grandmother that they would do theyíre best in finding Whinny, but there wasnít really enough information to go on. I couldnít believe what the police officers had said. We went straight home after that. I just went straight to my room without even saying bye to Joey. I am sure he understands why I didnít say bye to him. I couldnít sleep the next couple of nights. Every time I closed my eyes all I can see was Whinny getting shoved into that van. Every time my grandmother and I called the police they kept saying that they had no new information. A week has gone by and still no Whinny. I couldnít believe it. I was starting to think for the worse. It was around four in the morning when I heard banging on the door. I just figured it was one of our drunken neighbours but then I heard my grandmother answer the door and saying what can I do for you officers. I heard one of them say that they had some devastating news. Then all had went quite and right then and there I knew that my sister Whinny was dead. The next morning my grandmother and I could not even speak. A few days later we had a funeral for Whinny. It was another devastating day for me. First I had lost my mother and father to a brutal car crash, and now my twin sister to a hate crime. Though the police never said that it was a hate crime I knew that the only reason why she was killed was because she was Japanese. That is so wrong. We are all the same it doesnít matter if your Chinese, Japanese, white, aboriginal or any other race. We should all be treated equal. My sister Whinny was only nine years old. She had her whole life ahead of her. Whinny if you are looking down at me from heaven Joe, grandmother, and I miss you so very much. You were such a great friend, sister, and granddaughter. Miss you always with love your sister Sue.

Whinny Young

April 10,1999-July 27,2008

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