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Ability Not Disability

I want to start this story out by saying first, please do not sit in judgement of the mentally ill or disabled. It should be ability that counts and matters in society and not the "dis"in-ability that people judge us by. This story will advocate on the behalf of all of us whom have some type of mental illness and or disability that keeps us from being accepted as who were are and not what we have. It will also help society and those not afflicted to better understand us.

I am mentally ill and also have learning disabilities, but this has not kept me back significantly due to the way I was raised. My late parents would not allow anyone to tell me anything negative. As that is counterproductive.
In a society such as ours, most people look down at those of us whom have mental illness and or disability, and because of the way society views us it keeps us from achieving that what every other citizen has in this country, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.
Employers discriminate against us, moreoften then they do with someone whom has a physical disability because they can see that disability, and people tend to become scared of what they donot understand because they can not see it.
Here is a question for everyone to ponder about, You can not see the Lord, but you still believe in him right? For those of you whom read this and don't, where I hope you find him.
You can not see Love, but you know it is out there, I donot mean loved based on materialism but love based on acceptance and without limitations.
Such is the way with the mentally ill and disabled. We do indeed have a disability, and those disabilities manifest themselves in many ways. Ways in which those whom do not have can not possibly understand.
Due to societies very small and narrow mind, they think it is best that we be locked away and not be given a chance to support ourselves and our families.
To live happy lives and to have all those things which other so call "normal" people have no problem getting.
Accept one thing, No one is really "Normal" in our society. People whom drink,smoke, take street drugs, get hooked on prescription drugs, gamble and such like are not "Normal" they too have an addiction.

Mental disabilties take on many shape, way, and forms, such as specific learning disabilities such as academics, gross motor skills, and etc.

One thing about Learning disabled persons, that normal people donot understand is this, most LD's have normal or above normal IQ's, and just that something short circuited in their brains at the time they were developing inside their mother's wombs. At the time of their development, their mothers could have been drinking and so they suffered from Fetal alcohol syndrome.
Ciagrettes also bring on these LDS in children as does the lack of proper prenatal care and nutrition.

Take a good look at my stories, you would not think I am disabled, but I am. I have depression, LD's, and also a mixed personality disorder, but I am able to write and articulate aren't I.
I went onto college and did better in college than I did in high school.

No one out in the public or private sector is willing to give me half a chance to use the education and skills I received. Why, Ignorance!
They are afraid that mental illness and disabilties are communicable like VD or a common cold. Well, neither are just for the record.
I am disabled and hear me ROAR! Someone has to give us a chance to prove ourselves that we can work in the workforce and all. That we can work around the rest of the so call"Normal"
people if there is any.
Let me relay something that someone told my daughter at her workplace, and this is really igorant, they would not allow her to change baby diapers because they were afraid that she would transmit her learning disabilities to the baby via the way of changing its diapers, how stupid and igorant is that.
Where does learning disabilities come from, some has to do with genetics, heredity, and socio-envirnoment .
We are all products of our envirnoment,
and we can not get away from our heredity and genes. They come down from our parents and grandparents.
Where does mental illness come from, some in the very same way. Some via heredity and genes, and other socio-envirnomental, and others are no fault brain disorders.
Learning disabled have to learn in alternative ways so that their brains can process the information it receives. and most mental illness canbe treated and all.

Do not be afraid if you see someone with a mental disability or even illness, remember it is not their fault. Treat them with the same respect you would treat anyone else, and treat them as a human being with the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
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