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Astronauts Aiming Asteroids To Planet Earth

Space Station Astronauts Aiming Asteroids To Planet Earth



  Joey Petroni a You Tube superstar recently teamed up with astronauts on the international space station. Together Joey and the astronauts are making real authentic asteroids available to the public. These asteroids are mini in size and are no danger to anyone during special delivery.


At first these asteroids were being delivered using the Space Shuttle, but the cost of fuel alone made the price jump sky high. The asteroids were priced @ $9.99 for the smaller in size and $19.99 for a larger chunk. These prices were affordable for mostly everyone who was interested, but the charge for shipping and handling were outrageous. Starting at $1.5 million for “special delivery” the public became outraged.



After two weeks of expert planning both Joey Petroni and the space astronauts came up with a brilliant idea. Using GPS and time zone exact locations. These asteroids are now being aimed toward earth and landing in a deserted field.  This cuts out the middle-man (space shuttle) and eliminates the $1.5 million dollars for shipping and handling.


So now the asteroids are available to the public for the low prices of either $9.99 or $19.99.  They are now selling like hot cakes on You Tube by Joey Petroni @[email protected]


Recently in southwestern Wisconsin a Police dashboard camera filmed some of these asteroids. Local and national news networks are calling this event “meteor showers”.

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