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A friend in the mountains Pt1

Author : Alfred Benjamin King

Title of Mini – Story : A friend in the Mountains

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Setting : American Mountains

Written for : Family Friendly Adventure Fiction Lovers.

Posted for : Saturday, April 17th, 2010.

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   His feet tried to feel for earth around him. There was nothing there, just air. Sweat snuck through his pores as fear’s merciless embrace sent volts of shivers up his spine.

   The muscles of his arms contracted even harder. They dared not relax.

   “Help, Help … Anybody”. The twelve year old Jimmy screamed as he hung from a cliff.

   He glanced down but the painful reality of what was below, suddenly sent stronger volts of fear through his chest.

   Beneath him was a pile of rocks that were not less than a hundred feet away.

   No one can survive that fall – no one. Jimmy knew this. He also knew that the only way out was to climb up.

   The problem was that he knew he didn’t have the strength to prop himself up. But what was even more dreadful to know was that he is slowly losing the strength to keep holding on.



*  *  *



   Miles away in an exotic isolated winter cabin. The famous and handsome millionaire Jeremiah Adam stepped out of the front door.

   “Gee! Dad I didn’t know western’s are back in”, William said with elements of mockery in his tone.

   John flashed a look at his Dad, looked away just as quickly. Then as if his mind reluctantly processed the information his eyes sent to his brain. He looked up at his Dad again, this time longer. Then  his eyes dropped back to his hand held video game as he snuggled closely into his chair enjoying the best in portable entertainment and fresh mountain air. 

   “What’s wrong with my cowboy look?. This is a really nice outfit”.


   “Yeah! Smashing”, William added sarcastically. Pulling away what was left of his attention from a radio he was putting together after he had dismantled it earlier.

   Jeremiah’s attention drifted to what his son was doing. “What – not again you are always taking stuff apart and putting it back together  - ”

   “But Dad, I was just curious to see how they made this antique radio. I found it stashed away in the cellar along with some really old stuff”.

   “And so you took it apart”.

   “Dad”, William said, dragging the last syllable for attention and hopefully some understanding. “You know I want to be a mechanical engineer. I love to learn more about technology. I love to work on technological  gadgets”. Then standing out with a bright smile and eyes glowing with confidence. “I’m going to be a famous inventor someday”.

   You could actually feel the faith William had in his last sentence waft through the air.

   “Well today you are still a little boy – my little boy, and you would do as I say”, Jeremiah said, with his eyebrows furrowing beneath his cowboy hat.

   I guess he didn’t feel the faith strong enough.

   Jeremiah repositioned his stance like a canon begin readjusted to a more comfortable position before a long battle begins. A battle of words in this case, just that it would be only one person doing the shooting.

   “William, I got us out here into the mountains so we can have some family time”. He paused to look over at John, who was still enraptured in the video game world. “John … John”. No response. Then breathing – in, in a manner that accumulates energy for a strong and firm release of astronomic proportions. “ JOHNNNN !!!”

   Every cell in John’s body jumped like a fish out of water. His fingers quivered and the video game fell into his lap. He looked round about him. Then finally when his heart returned into his chest, he let out a weak but audible, “What”.

   “Will you get your butt over here I’ve got something really important to say”, Jeremiah answered with sparks of anger flying around him.

   John pocketed the game as he strode over to his dad.

   “Now see here you two. You are barely teenagers and you are already giving me headache - ”

   “I’m 13. I’m a big boy”. William said or actually interrupted. Jolting his chin up proudly.

   “And I’m 12 and a half” John added or actually contributed.

   “My point exactly”, Jeremiah screamed with his eyes closed. He opened his eyes, breathed in.There’s no need to be getting too angry. He tried to calm himself. “Look kids”, his eyes seeming almost apologetic. “I just want to have some quality time with you gu - ”

   “Woof ! Woof !”, a golden retriever ran up to them with its tail wagging vibrantly from east to west. It ran up to Jeremiah, leaning its two front legs against him.

   Jeremiah was scared but tried not to show fear. “Whoa ! Whoa !”.

   “I think he likes you Dad”, William said.

   Jeremiah shoot him a look that made him wish he could take back his words.

   John reached out for the dog and put his arms around him in tender boy – dog affection. The dog nestled its chin on John’s shoulder.

   “I taught we got rid of that dog?”, Jeremiah asked.

   “I think he wants us to adopt it”, John answered as he brushed his palm lovingly against the fur.

   “Get away from that dog we don’t know if he’s got rabies”, Jeremiah warned. “How a golden retriever got way out here in the mountains is beyond me.”

   “Dad, maybe he’s always lived in the mountains”, William said.

   Jeremiah looked at William in shock. Then his face relaxed. “Golden retrievers can’t survive in the wild or in the mountains on their own. The best guess is it was abandoned by its owner or maybe forgotten”. He taught about the stupidity of his guesses and then, “Nah !” he dismissed the idea as his hand motioned likewise.

   Jeremiah separated John from the dog and kicked up dust repeatedly against it. Making it back away.

   “Stop it Daddy … Please !”, John cried.

   “I’m saving you from rabies”, Jeremiah replied. He picked up a stone.

   William rushed in between his Dad and the dog. “But you said golden retrievers can’t survive in the mountains by themselves - ”

   “But they can learn to. After all they all belong to the same family with wolves”. Jeremiah pushed William aside and hurled the stone in the direction of the dog.

   The dog squeaked. Turned. Then ran away.

   “Ever since your brother Jimmy saved that dog from drowing 2 days ago. It just won’t leave us alone”, Jeremiah continued. “By the way were is your brother – Jimmy?”.

   “He said he was going hiking”, John answered.

   “He’ill probably be back in the evening”, Jeremiah said, looking up at the sky. He looked at his wrist watch. Then looked up, “I’m going to bed, and you tell him whenever he comes back that starting from tomorrow morning the four of us would begin to have some family time”. Jeremiah turned, teetered, steadied, then walked back into the cabin.



                                         *  *   *  


   Reality was beginning to bite hard at Jimmy.

   “Help ! … Help”, Jimmy called. He couldn’t tell if he has been hanging there for minutes or for hours. Hanging for his dear life.

   It was however clear to him that if someone didn’t show up soon, he should say his last prayers.

   Prayer. That was it. What does he have to lose?. He tried everything else.

   “Oh! God, I beg you. I ask you. I’m begging, please help me. Please send someone to save me”.

   A few stones under Jimmy’s right arm gave way. He slipped, but quickly regained balance. Death had never flashed so clearly before his eyes before.

   His mouth parted open to support his breathing. He could see it now. 12 year old boy, the son of famous Hollywood movie star; Jeremiah Adam, Tumbled to his death off a cliff during a private family get away with his two brothers.

   What a tragedy. His eyes began to close. He knew it was near. Drawing closer. The strength in his arms ebbing away.

   A rustling sound buzzed in his ear. Hallucinating at a time like this?. Bad. Very bad sign. The rustling came closer and closer and closer.

   He looked up above him and could barely make out the figure of a tall, huge man in the light of the blinding sun.

   “Aren’t you the son of that millionaire Jeremiah Adam?”. There was something about the tone of his voice. “Well now this must be my lucky day. My lucky – lucky, lucky day”.

   The man was Frankie McLinn, wanted in 5 states plus Canada, for charges of kidnapping, terrorism and murder.




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