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Hindel Kidz 8: Smokey and Midnight

Hindel Kidz 8

           Smokey and Midnight


Bree had shown Drumette at the County Fair, but had not placed. She never worked with her.  In the fair they are supposed to walk their goats forward, then turn around and walk them back. They also have to walk their goat around the ring and make them stand a certain way. Everyone figured Bree just wanted the attention because people would say, “Oh, look at the baby goat.”

 By the end of the fair, someone wanted to buy Drumette. Bree was crushed. Even though she didn’t work or pay any attention to the goats she already had, she wanted to keep this one. Charlotte set her straight. Jack also made it clear the money for Drumette was his. They sold her for $50 dollars.

The two boys were still there. No one had made an offer to buy them. They were as big as Porsche and had big thick horns.  They became known as the Little Heathens. Sven advertised them on the Internet as ‘very tame’.


Since both Nibby and Pearl’s babies had not been okay, Grace was really hoping Porsche wouldn’t have any trouble. Grace liked being an aunt and playing with the triplets had been the best part of last year.

Porsche was supposed to have her babies on April 1st, April Fool’s Day.  Grace was the paper carrier for Frazeysburg at the time so every night after she got done delivering papers (which was about 3:00am), she and Sven went up to check and see if Porsche had her little ones overnight. They could tell she had one baby on each side of her again so they thought for sure she was going to have another set of triplets.

Finally, on the morning of April 9th, she had twins. One was all black and the other one was gray and white. So they were fraternal twins. Sven and Grace liked the gray one right away because it was different. They had just assumed Porsche’s babies would have been all black again. Jack liked this one also because the white fur on the top of its head was shaped like wings.

“I pulled both of the babies out and the black one was born first at 11:00pm,“ he told them.

 He put it under the heat lamp right away and Porsche started licking it. When he pulled the other one out, he was almost certain it wasn‘t going to be okay. Surprisingly, it was.

Sven and Grace started calling the gray one, Smokey, right away and even though the black one had been born at 11:00pm, they called it Midnight. They were both boys.

Some people (mainly Charlotte and Bree), wanted to call Smokey, Harley because of the wings. The symbol for Harley Davidson motorcycles was wings.

Grace was anxious to see how Joy would react to seeing things smaller than she was. She had been the baby until now. She wasn’t so sure about them at first and then boy did she get jealous. Grace went into see the babies first one day. Then she went over and called Joy and tried to pet her. She wouldn’t come or let Grace pet her. As long as they paid attention to Joy first then she would be fine.

Smokey and Midnight turned out not to be as friendly as the triplets. Even though when Grace held Smokey on her lap, Midnight thought he had to be up there, too. Smokey would get up and put his front feet on you, but Midnight was a jumper. He would jump on all the girl goats’ backs. He would then use whoever was standing closest to the head gate as a springboard. They would both try and suck on Grace’s fingers.

When they were old enough to eat solid food, Jack trained them, as he had done with the little heathens, to run up on the wooden spool. Grace found out one day when she had to do the feeding if Midnight thought he wasn’t getting as much bread or apples as he thought he should, he would reach out and tug on her shirt sleeve. He was letting her know he was still there.


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