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Black Stars

Can't you see, their gone. They've disapeared, their never gonna come back. Those shiny stars are gone, their never gonna come back, and now its, up to you. My world is falling apart. Those shiny stars would tell me everything, whisper in my ear, but now its dark, no stars too watch over me.

You just put him in charge, making my life dificult, no harmony left since those stars left me, for good. It ain't sad, its just heart breaking, enough to send a single clear blue tear, down my cheek stained there forever.


Those shiny stars lied, they forst me to believe they where good, they said they'll never die, untill I wasn't around. . . but I'm still around and your not anymoreee.

There beautiful voice would help me to fall asleep, sing to me like a baby as I would, help me to fall asleep but I ain't sleeping anymore since you've left noooo.


No more shiny stars, just dark stars that don't shine. They come to me, scare me, because you arn't around.. Their mad at me, angry at me because they know you've loved me. And it scares me so much, the lost of you shiny stars caused me so much pain, and I won't go away.


Come back to me, show me the ways to go, help me, love me, like you would always. . . I love you and nothing could stop that.


Dedicated to that one special person in my life,

Bailey, my doggie who I loved forever! ! !

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