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Party Right

Tell me everything that you can't see, even if it is a little nasty. Say what? I'm counting down everything that you cant see, making it seem so interesting, even if we both know, its not! Ohhh honey, your going the wrong way, shouldn't you be going to the party on the right, unless. You ain't up for some fun? (Laughs) My party on the right, everybodys coming around,telling me all about their life even if its boring as hell.


Don't wanna hear about your life, only here to dance and mingle, maybe more? Yeah, right. Get lost boy, totally gettof, doesn't stand for total distractions.

I'm alright! Not insane like most of you say, this is my party, wanna scream, ain't going to be afraid anymore, anymoreooo.


Baby, your my chance of surviving, lean on you for everything. You give me advice, telling me to keep it up even though I'm already wasted. Damn boy! You arn't smart. Don't want those good girls to go bad, of course you do, your a typical guy!


So even thought its diing, people starting to leave, it isn't done, its just getting started.

So where gonna dance, move across the dancefloor in my skippy little mini dress, trying not to cause a sceen. Only trying to dance better then those snobs on my left, those snobs on my left, snobs on my left, on my left, my left, snobs.



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