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Awful Tricks



Can't you see boy, its not the same anymore. The whole story changed, the beginning, the ending, everything yeaaah. I don't want you to see my tears I cry, don't want you to make me feel insincure again, oh not this time. It's so different now, everything changed and I, just can't, live without you now!


Don't call me, don't text me if your gonna repeat the same damn stuff again, Ohh I can't handle it no. Too much yeah, too much for me to see. I just want to go naturally, just want to feel like the waves, going in and out, It'll make me cry. I just want to go like the wind, hear the secrets you've kept from me, those dirty little lies you've told me, and I fall for them every time... but not this time.


All those girls, falling for your tricks, making me one of them. It hurt my heart, made me cry, made me scream. Even though I didn't want to but I still did, and its not making me feel any better.

Yeah, its another love song, but I just can't handle it OhhHhhh..


Those dirty tricks you played on me, just wanna make me scream, make me scream, make me scream, just wanna make scream yeahhhh!


Don't do this again,  don't wanna break this again.

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