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Joining The Squirrels

†† † † †† † † † † † † † † † † † ††Joining The Squirrels

I was home from work for the day early so I sat and drank a strawberry milk shake while glancing out my back window into the yard. I took notice of all the neighborhood squirrels that were gathering in my yard collecting acorns. I thought to myself, what a life squirrels have, no responsibilities whatsoever. I spent the rest of my day really studying these squirrels and their behaviors. Not one to be jealous of any human being, I became extremely envious of the neighborhood squirrels. The fact that they could come and go as they pleased drove me nuts. They had no one but themselves to answer to. This is when I decided to take a few days off from work and join nature in my own backyard.

††††††††††† My boss wasnít too happy when I told him I was joining the squirrels for a couple of days. He actually told me I could lose my job over taking sick days to do what he called yard work. I was worried about my bossís comments but I knew he was just blowing off steam. So the next day I woke up just at the crack of dawn and went out to my yard and joined nature.

At first the squirrels didnít know what to make of me, but it didnít take long before we all worked as a team joining together, collecting food and storing it in clever places. Acorns are very easy to spot, but can easily be mistaken for a rock. So it became annoying when pocketing a few rocks. I felt as if all the squirrels poked fun at me behind my back for gathering pebbles and stones along with my food.

I suddenly realized that being a squirrel wasnít for me so I dumped my pockets and ran to my house. When I sat in my chair by the window sipping my ice cream shake, I glanced out the window and witnessed all the squirrels poking through the contents of my pockets.

The next day I went to work and explained to my boss just what I had gone through and he said ACORNS? You are nuts!†

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