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Long Haired Hippie

†Joey Petroni & His Unicorn Hair

I was told by my lawyer that Iíd better get my haircut to avoid being targeted by law enforcement. Funny thing is Iíve never had any run ins with the law in the past, but since I let my hair grow past my shoulders Iíve been harassed.† I have the look of a troublemaker or a drug dealer or whatever long hair means. Stereotyped? Yes! Bothered? NO!

Being one of todayís top Karaoke singers, my long hair is a must. No, long hair doesnít help me sing better, but yes it is the look I want and the direction I need to go in order to be what my heart desires. A rocking, rolling karaoke champion needs long hair! My lawyer thinks that I should hide my hair when not performing in order to stay out of trouble. According to him, long hair equals trouble.

This is when I invented the unicorn. I took a wired hanger and wrapped it around my head with a straight 8-inch stick standing straight out from my forehead. I attached my ponytail to the hanger that stands from my forehead.† So now my hair is heading toward the sky and the metal hanger supports it.†† Behold the Unicorn!

I am now working on a unicorn dance to go along with the look. It works out great for me. I am able to keep my long hair and I am able to still be creative with my new look of the unicorn.

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