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       KIA BOY



I was driving in my KIA Mini Van when I came to a four way stop sign. I was clearly the first one to stop, as a second car pulled up heading in a different direction. The law says that whomever arrives at the stop sign first has the right of way. As I took my foot off the brake and started to press down on the gas pedal I noticed the other car, which had arrived second at the stop sign, began to go as well. If I were to continue pressing the gas I would have collided with the second car.


The driver of the second car stopped and yelled out her window “what are you crazy?” I said no I am not crazy I had the right of way; I arrived at the stop sign first.

She said sure you were here first, but I am driving a Lexus and you are driving a KIA! I replied what does this have to do with the law? She said, “I don’t see any Police around so your law doesn’t matter at this point. A Lexus always beats a KIA in my book! Don’t be so bitter KIA Boy!”


I was appalled, but remembered what the Lexus lady had told me. I then came to another four way stop sign, but this time I arrived last. I didn’t see any Police so it turned into a game of Monopoly for me I took notice of all the other car brand names before taking my turn to go. I waited for the BMW, LEXUS and Mercedes so I guess I had accepted who I really was at a stop sign and that is a  “KIA Boy”. 

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