Feel Free to Beat Me Up | By: Joey Petroni | | Category: Short Story - Comedy Bookmark and Share

Feel Free to Beat Me Up

                                    Feel Free to Beat Me Up


            That is not to say that I am weak in anyway, but it is giving you permission to beat me up if you so desire. I do not want to be beat up; it is a hassle to recover from some beatings. I do not like the look of my nose when it is busted nor do I appreciate the look of a black eye.

            I say “beat me up” to make you at ease to know that I am agreeable to almost anything. I do like to opposite approach; like shake my hand if you so desire or lets dance. In today’s world there is such anger at times and asking someone to dance may get you beat up instead.


            So lets cut to the chase and avoid being caught off guard. Beat me up if you so desire. I like to know what I have coming to me so feel free to take some swings, just don’t expect a handshake when all is said and done. 

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