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Hindel Kidz 4: Stillborn

Hindel Kidz 4:



Nibby was also going to have a baby. Jack, Sven and Grace joked that Elmer still had a home because he had done his job. Nibby was about a month behind Porsche so her due date would be sometime in June.

“I think she is going to have twins,“ Jack said, but he sure didn’t go by the book this time. Ha!

On June 8th, around 3:30pm, Sven came home from Jack’s and told Grace to get her shoes on. She looked at him and said,” Nibby’s having her baby, isn’t she?”

One of the reasons, Grace wasn’t so upset about not seeing Porsche have the triplets was because she knew she still had a chance to see Nibby.

Jack was sitting out in the backyard when they got up there. Grace didn’t want it to seem like she was so anxious so she sat in the backyard for a little while before going in to the building. Nibby was off by herself in a small corner pen. The front part had been blocked off because the triplets were still little enough to crawl through the opening. They were still less than a month old.

Even though it was a hot day, Grace wanted to be in the building with Nibby. When it was suppertime, they ate up at Jack’s because Sven knew she didn’t want to leave for fear of missing it. The only time Grace left the building was when they ate or when she had to go to the bathroom. Jack started teasing her by asking, “How far apart are they?”

“I am a midwife for a goat,” Grace played along.

Whenever Nibby would have a contraction, she would curl her upper lip back, push and then cry. Grace never knew something so little could make such a loud noise.

When Bree found out Nibby was having her baby, she wanted to go out to the building.

“Go right back inside…you don’t give a darn about Nibby any other time, you don’t need to be out there now!” Jack told her.

When it started to get late, Sven and Grace both sat out in the building with Nibby, talking to her and petting her.

“You’re okay, Nibby. Everything’s going to be fine.”

 Grace was sitting on planks of wood with one of the triplets lying on her lap. Even when Sven went in the house for few minutes to let Jack know what was going on, she stayed out there. She was determined to see Nibby have the baby.  She would have stayed there all night if she had to.

They could see a tiny bit of the head. Grace kept saying, “Come on, Nibby, just a little more.”

She knew the baby was going to be black. She had wondered what color it would be because Elmer was gray and Nibby was white. Porsche was black so there was no question there. The daddy determines the color of the baby.

The baby was coming out head first, instead of front feet first like it was supposed to. Finally, when the head was half way out, Jack came out and decided to pull the baby the rest of the way. Grace still wondered if he did this because he knew she wanted to see it born. It was already 11:00pm.

Sven got in the pen with Jack to hold Nibby still while Jack pulled. If Sven hadn’t held Nibby down, Jack would have drug her clear across the pen he was pulling so hard. After a few minutes of pulling, the baby finally slid out.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t moving or responding when he shined a light in its eyes. Jack suctioned out the mouth and cleaned it off with paper towels, but it was clear it hadn’t survived. It was either already dead or it had suffocated. Nibby had been pushing for over eight hours.

Jack, Sven and Grace were all real sad, but there was nothing they could have done. Too bad the first baby Grace had seen born up close and personnel was a stillborn. Poor Nibby. She hadn’t even cried …she was so tired. Even though she was still breathing, they thought she might have passed out for a couple minutes.

After Nibby had recovered, she started coming to them and letting them pet her, which is something she never did before. Grace wondered if she knew Grace had been there with her the whole time.

Now, Nibby is one of the more loving goats up there. Sometimes, she just wants to be rubbed.

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