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Jaymi's Way - Until the Day You Die

Jaymi lay soundlessly on the bed, Mark's strong arms wrapped around her protectively. Too protectively. Her body was curled against his, her back pushing into his chest. She didn't make a sound, for fear he'd wake up, and want to make love.

Mark pushed his face deeper into Jaymi's hair, inhaling the sweet scent. He tightened his hold on her, and pulled her closer.

Mark had it all. Money, friends, a good education, a guaranteed job, everything anyone could ever ask for. But, he would have given it all up just to have Jaymi love him. He would let his parents disinheirit him, let his friends turn against him, give up attenting Yale, and give up his job at his father's computer company, to have Jaymi look at him with her eyes full of the love he longed for. She didn't love him, he knew that. "I can't love," Jaymi had told him many times.

No, Mark thought suddenly. You can love, and you will love. I'll make you love me Jaymi, if that's how far it has to go!

Jaymi pulled away from Mark, and set up at the edge of the bed, sticking her cold feet hurriedly into the slippers Mark had bought her. Everything Jaymi had--except her small suitcase of clothing and other personal possessions--were given to her by Mark. He smothered her with gifts in hopes of making her love him.

But that's just not what love's about, Mark. Jaymi thought sadly. And you know, no matter what you buy me, no matter what you promise me, no matter how you try, I can never... will never... love you. I can't love... She would never say those words outloud, for fear of what Mark's reaction would be.

Jaymi stood up, and practically flew into the bathroom. She slammed the door and locked it quickly.

"Jaymi? What are you doing? Come back to bed!" Mark demanded, trying to keep his voice low, as to not frighten her. Jaymi seemed to scare easily. Every little thing frightened her, sometimes to the extent that she would lock herself in the bathroom... Mark's face suddenly changed to a look of complete anger. No, she couldn't be afraid of him! It just didn't work that way!

"Mark," Jaymi muttered quietly, trying to sound calm. "I have to get ready for school." She leaned against the bathroom door, and slipped down slowly to a sitting position. She burried her face in her hands, and tried desperately to stiffle sobs that threatened to wrack her whole body.

I can't stay here, not now. Jaymi thought. I never told him about the baby. I've been pregnant two months, he'll notice soon.

Jaymi had met Mark three days after she fled from Damion. Mark fell in love with her instantly, and begged her to come live with him. Reluctantly, she said yes, knowing she wouldn't find anywhere else to stay.

Mark knocked furiously on the door, and Jaymi stood up. She backed away, into the sink. The shock sent a sharp pain through her body, and she keeled over, grabbing her back. Mark knocked again. "Jaymi, school isn't for another two hours. Come out, now!"

Jaymi closed her eyes, and readied herself. "Mark, I can't do this anymore," she cried through the door. "I can't be with you anymore. I have to leave, before I do something bad..." Her voice trailed off slowly, as she sadly realized that would be the only way to escape him.

Mark pounded at the door with all his fury. "Damnit, Jaymi! You belong to me, until the day you die! You are mine! Come out now, or I will break the door down!" Jaymi knew he would make good with his threat. Mr. Captain of the Varsity Football team would surely come flying through the door at any second, if she didn't say anything.

"Mark, you're right. I don't know what I was thinking. Don't break the door down. I'll come out." Jaymi wrapped her hand around the doornob, trying desperately to stop herself from shaking. She unlocked the door, and turned the nob. She stood there, looking up at Mark. He was no less that six feet tall, a whole six inches taller than the girl who now stood terrified in the doorway. His face looked older than it's nineteen years, and somehow meaner.

Mark's hand shot out, and around Jaymi's neck, digging into her tender flesh. He pulled her to him, and shoved her down on the bed, pinning her there. He glared down at her angrily. "Don't you ever, ever say anything like that to me again, do you hear me?" He shook her violently, as if to implant his threat even deeper into her brain. Jaymi nodded quickly. "I love you, and you love me, and we will be together forever. Say it, Jaymi."

"I love you, and you love me, and we will be together forever." Jaymi repeated, trying not to sound mechanical. Mark seemed to except it, and crawled on the bed, on top of her.

"That's good, baby. Now, let's make love before I leave for school," Mark said... ordered. Jaymi sucumbered, knowing this would be the last time. Mark's hands slipped up her shirt, and she forced her skin to go numb. It was the easiest way to devise a plan.

I could have him arrested, on statchatory rape charges, since I'm only sixteen, Jaymi concidered. No, no. What if Damion came up? How could I explain that to them? How can anyone explain setting someone on fire and leaving them for dead. She sighed softly, and thought angrily, I don't care. The bastard deserved it!

Mark left for school, and Jaymi began to throw her plan into action. She poked an unnoticable hole in their waterbed, and watched at the water slowly piddled out. It formed a puddle at the end of the bed, just what Jaymi was hoping for. She crossed her fingers, and prayed that this worked.

When Mark came home, Jaymi threw her arms around him, in mock affection. She pushed him toward the bed, and smiled. "Now, love, you've had a long day. Just lay down in bed, and I'll bring you your dinner." She kissed him quickly on the lips, and shoved him down on the bed. Then she turned, and went into the kitchen. She made some noise in there, then came out, to find Mark laying on the bed smiling.

Shooting a quick glance at the puddle, she watched as a line of water ran down the side of the bed. She nodded to herself, then looked at Mark.

"I'm sorry, Mark. I'm so sorry. But I'm leaving you." Jaymi said solemly to him.

Mark shot up into a sitting position, and shook his head, angrily, saying, "No, Jaymi! Don't do this again! I've told you before, and I'll tell you again!"

Jaymi cut him off by holding a hand in the air, and saying, "I know, I'm yours until the day I die." She shook her head sadly at him, and in one swift kick, sent the TV sailing off the table and onto the floor. It shattered, and set tremendous shocks through the puddle, into the waterbed. She watched as Mark screamed out, and then went limp. Picking up her suitcase, she walked toward the door, then turned back, whispering, "Or, until the day you die."
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