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Jaymi's Way - Burning Hatred

She lay there on the damp grass, cold and alone. Left tired and frightened, she had run into the arms of the first stranger to offer help; Damion. He was a vicious and cruel man, tormenting Jaymi with his evil abuse, both physical and sexual. Though she never pushed him away, never fought for her own dignity, inside she was dying.

She had yet to tell Damion the news that would either please him greatly, or send him so far off the deep end that she would end up dead by his hands.

On one of the more horrible nights, Damion had come into her room, and forced himself upon her. Never once stopping to ask if she'd taken her pill. This time, he hadn't been so careful. This time he'd let something slip. He'd left a reminder of his late night attack growing inside of her.

Watching the sky above turn from a light blue to a dark and heavy-set gray, Jaymi wondered if it would be such a wise idea to tell Damion she was carrying his child. Maybe, just maybe, she could run for it. Leave him. But, she quickly thought better of it. If she left, he'd come after her.

Sitting up quickly, she knew what she would do. Running to the house, and up the stairs, she slammed and locked her bedroom door. Knowing Damion would be furious at her, she started shoving her things into her bags.

Damion suddenly started pounding on the door, screaming loudly. Clenching her teeth, Jaymi ignored him. Quickly, the door was busted down, and in flew an angry man, his bare chest rising and falling.

"Damion... I..." Jaymi began, fearful.

"Jaymi, you know the rules. Now you must be punished."

Wincing at the thought, Jaymi began to throw her plan into action. Slowly, she walked up to Damion. Running the tip of her fingers down his bare chest, and tangling them in his dark hair, she smiled playfully. Then, she bent her head down to his salty flesh, and began to tickle it with the tip of her tongue.

"Jaymi..." Damion gasped as his skin began to tingle, surprised she would make such an advance.

"Shh... my love..." said Jaymi softly. "Soon everything will be all right."

Wrapping her arms around him, she raked her long nails down his back, softly at first, then more fiercly. Blood slowly trickled from the cuts, and Damion's eyes filled with horror.

"Oh, my love, did I hurt you?" Jaymi smiled evilly. "Shh... I'll make everything all right..."

Slowly, she led Damion to the bed, and had him lay down on his stomach. He did so without hesitation. Telling him not to go anywhere, Jaymi went into the bathroom. Taking the bottle of peroxide out of the cabinet, she quickly and soundlessly emptied it down the drain. Coming out of the bathroom, she glanced innocently at Damion.

"Looks like I'll need to run downstairs and get a new bottle."

Not waiting for a reply, Jaymi walked from the room, and down the stairs. Walking through the kitchen, she entered the garage, and praying, looked around. Spotting a canister of gasoline, Jaymi quickly filled the empty peroxide bottle. Returning to the kitchen, she dug through the drawers until she found some matches. Stuffing them in her pocket, Jaymi went back upstairs to Damion.

Shaking the bottle, and smiling at him, Jaymi quickly advanced.

"Now, my darling, you must brace yourself. This will sting." Dumping the gasoline out on him, she told him to close his eyes, and think of them together later tonight.

"Don't worry. I'll make sure to warm you up...." Jaymi said, and quickly removed the matches. Lighting one, she dropped it on him, and whispered, as his body began to burn, "...literally."
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