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What to expect when your weren't expecting

Alexis ran out of her classroom as soon as she heard the bell ring. "Danielle!" She called to her friend who was talking to a teacher. "Danielle, can you please stay after school with me? I've got some work to do and I don't want to do it alone." Danielle rolled her eyes, how typical of Alex, waiting til the last second and then asking for a favor. "I don't think I can Alex, Dan's doing to meet me outside later because he's taking me to that new horror flick, the one with all  the zombies, remember?" Alex rolled her eyes,"Are you really going to choose that flake of a loser over your best friend? The one who has always been around? Thanks Danny." Danielle rolled her eyes as she watched Alex storm away dramatically. "Ok, ok fine, but you owe me big time for this." Alex grinned at her, "Don't worry, I've got something amazing to tell you after school anyhow!" Two hours passed and finally Alex was done with all of her work. "Ok, so I was in the office when I heard miss Taylor talking to the principle and he told her that there was a secret bathroom downstairs only people say it's haunted." Danielle sat up straight. "Did they say by whom it's haunted?" "Yeah, so there were these three girls in the 1800's who went to this catholic church but they were accused of being witches because of their heavy accents and their love of herbs. They were tortured mercilessly until eventually they all decided to hang themselves, in the catholic churches downstairs bathrooms. Our school now stands where the catholic church once did and that's why the principle won't allow anyone to go down there. Apparently a few girls did when he used to go here and they were never seen again." "Wow." "I know right?" "Alex, you cannot possibly believe that ridiculous story! There are so many parts in that story that don't have any actual logic behind them!" Alex looked down sheepishly, "Yeah, I guess you're right. Let's just go home already." They waited outside for their ride but Alex's mother never showed. "Look I gotta piss so let's go to the bathroom on the first floor." They tried to open it but it was locked. They tried the bathrooms on the third and second floor, both were locked. "Hey, why don't we try those bathrooms in the basement? I saw the door open when we walked in." Alex stared at her in horror. "Did you not hear the story I told you earlier? I'm not going down there! Now way in hell." "Fine", Danielle huffed angrily, "I'll go alone because I can always BE there when a friend needs me." She started down the stairs. "Danny wait! I'm coming too." The basement was dark and cold and reeked of mold and dust. "There it is." Danielle pointed to a door that looked about 150 years old. "Let's get this over with". Alex reluctantly followed behind her, using the glare of her cell phone light she could see the markings on the walls. Were those blood stains? "Ok I'm going in here." Danielle announced as she went into a stall, closing the door behind her. Alex walked back outside to wait for her. The mirrors were creeping her out. She stood for twenty min waiting, then thirty, finally an hour passed. "Danny?! Hurry up my ma's probly here already!" She opened the door to the bathroom, silence. "Danny?" She pushed open the door to find her friend suspending from a rope, dangling in midair. Blood ran down Danielle's neck and into her shirt as the rope cut into her flesh. "DANNY!! OH MY GOD!" Alex turn run out of the bathroom but the door was locked from the outside. She yanked and tugged at it, the ancient wooden door remained solid and immovable. She could feel a coarse rope tightening around her neck. "No!" She struggle to pull and could feel her throat tightening more and more until she could no longer breath.

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