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Hindel Kidz 3: Field Trip

Hindel Kidz 3:

Field Trip


Back in January 2005, there had been a flood. Rain pounded on the roofs of the houses and dripped from the eaves. Rain fell creating small ponds and lakes in the yards and fields. The rivers rose and water covered the streets.  Rain splattered against the windows and gushed out of the downspouts. Then snow fell on top of the water and the water became ice.

 Many of the schools had closed because of the weather. Nashport School had been closed for at least a week so they had to make up those days at the end of the year. Since the teachers really didn’t have anything planned, they decided to have Pet Day.

At first, Kristin wanted to bring her calf, Bob The Slob, in for Pet Day. Later, they decided that bringing a 1300-pound animal to school probably would not be the best idea. It would be too much of a hassle. Kristin called down to Jack’s.

“Grandpa, can you bring a baby goat in for Pet Day?”

“All right,” Jack agreed.

Sven and Grace decided to go and help him. Jack took Numbskull and Drumette, one boy and one girl. Any pet brought in had to be on a leash so Numbskull had on a blue collar and Drumette wore a purple one. They were almost two weeks old at the time.

Jack put Numbskull on the ground. Grace was carrying Drumette so she set her down also. She started to cry and tried to run away. Grace ended up carrying her the rest of the time to try and keep her quiet. Jack let Kristin hold Numbskull and all the kids sat in a circle while she read what she had written about them. Grace went around on her knees and let the kids pet Drumette.

All in all, it wasn’t very well organized. They held it outside and it was just for certain grades. Jack, Sven and Grace thought they should have had a pet day for the whole school. They tried to keep Numbskull and Drumette together so they could see each other. A couple of people wanted to hold Drumette, but she still cried.


Elissa, Kristin’s sister, wanted the baby goats to come to her class, too. She was feeling left out. So a week or so later Jack had to take Numbskull and Drumette back to school. At least this time it was much more organized. It was inside for one thing and the kindergarten class sat in a circle and had a sheet spread out on the floor. They were able to let Numbskull and Drumette walk around by themselves.

Each child was supposed to get a turn to hold one of the goats. Drumette decided to lie down in one girl’s lap.

“That goat likes you, Alexis,” the teacher said and took a picture.

When the rest of the kids saw that, they wanted Drumette to lie down in their laps, too.

When Sven, Grace and Jack were ready to leave, they found out there were two other kindergarten classes that wanted to see the baby goats.

“My family raises pygmy goats, too. We have sixteen,” one of the teachers said.

In the third classroom, one boy tried to grab hold of Numbskull and he kicked the boy in the stomach.

“Serves him right for trying to grab me like that,” Numbskull thought.

Numbskull and Drumette both behaved very well this time. They didn’t cry or go to the bathroom.

“Now you know Savannah will want the goats to come to her class and we will have to make a trip to Dresden,“ Grace commented.

Savannah was Bree’s half sister. She and Bree both have the same daddy and that was the half that made them sisters.

When Jack, Sven and Grace finally got back home, they let Numbskull and Drumette off the leash on the side of the house. Then they opened the gate to let Porsche out. As soon as she saw Numbskull and Drumette, she was on a dead run. They had taken her babies away.


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