CALCUTTA 1944 | By: Terry Collett | | Category: Short Story - Introspective Bookmark and Share


You are seeing the
Sun for the first time
Today, the night has


Packed its bags and gone
Away. You are now
Feeling the heat from


The open window,
The sounds from the street
Below welcome you


And bid you come and
Buy, step out, open
Up your purse, make the


Sellers happy, put
Food on their tables.
Nina has gone off


To buy bread or so
You think she said through
The fog of your sleep.


You just remember
Her back going, the
Sway of her hips, that


Wave of the thin hand.
Daughters are there to
Be wed, Father said,


Dismissing Parni
With the shake of his
Hand when she tries to


Embrace or kiss him.
You want to get up
And look out from the


Window, see the street
Sellers with their wares,
The callers, the sharp


Laughter from corners. 
Nartan will see you
In bed, he will be


Angry, the husband
Expects his wife to
Be busy, hands in


Motion, head thinking,
Lips closed and quiet.
However, he will


Not be coming yet,
His workplace is miles
Away, and it is


Still only midday.
The light will be your
Guide, your blessing, the


Gods will look down on
You and then turn their
Heads away, keep their


Eyes averted, their
Judgement held in check.
You are feeling the


Warmth of the midday
Sun; the noise from the
Street wakens you from


Your slumber. If your
Father saw you now,
His hand would be raised,


His voice would shout loud,
His brown eyes would blaze
Brighter than the sun


Outside. But he is
No more. You want more
Sleep, the day will wait,
The sunshine will keep.

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