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People always say to follow your dreams. I want to believe and I want to say, ďOk. I will,Ē and then just do it. But itís not that easy.

When youíre a kid, you always say, ďOh, I wanna be a doctor or a firefighter,Ē and think you can.

You say to youíre parents, ďHey mom, dad, I canít wait Ďtill Iím older so I can truly be whatever I want.Ē

I dream of being a writer. I spend my days on my lap top, rummaging through my mind just to find an idea that will spark my inspiration and produce something great.

I often think up a masterpiece, then a jump right onto it, and speed through like Iím running the forty. I treat my stories like a real author would, hoping that one day Iíll be discovered and live out my dream. But then, as soon as the spark comes, it dies. Then I find myself lost in a thirty page work of art, with no where to go. I try to proceed, but find the process unbearably boring and painful. Then I get to the point where I have to stop. I wish I could carry on but itís not possible. And people say that getting through writerís block is easy. But my block is constant. Whenever this stoppage of my work occurs, I find my hopes diminishing, and I feel like the chance of following my dreams is dwindling.

I wish I could just be what I want. I wish I could do what I want. I wish I could feel what I want when I want to feel it but I cant. I wish patience wasnít a necessary factor in everyday life. I wish you could just do what you want without doing the million things you have to do to get there. And while Iím sitting here, waiting for my dreams to come true, Iím just hoping that Iíll be able to even be close. I even wonder if Iíll be on earth to actually have my fantasies come true.

But this topic goes much deeper than just writing and what we long to be when weíre all grown up. It also focuses on your social life. I donít know one person who doesnít want to be known. I donít know one person doesnít want to be acknowledged by someone outwardly special to them. Everyone wants to be popular. Everyone wants to be that good-looking boy or girl that we all either love or envy. I have friends like that. Friends that I wish I could be. I wish I could look as good as him, or have that one girl, or have his abs, or have his ability. But I canít change who I am. Some say that you should just be yourself. But sometimes, you just drop that advice and wish you were someone else just so you could have a backup dream. Just so that you could be happy even if your dreams of being a pro football player or in my case an author vanish.

Iím known at school for being the class clown. I go to school sort of just to let all the stress go and be fun. But I have few choices in the spot of the social chain I fill. Iím not what you would call attractive. I am popular, but not for my ideal reasons. I have friends. I donít have a bad social life, but it just doesnít feel right.

As I sit and write this, I feel like no one really knows what I want or what dreams go through my mind. My dream is a powerful one. I donít want to sound like Iím the only one with a desire to be what they want, but I long and pray each and every day and beg god to help me make it to the big time.

No one knows what I want. No one knows what I think about. No one knows that I secretly compete against the other potential authors in my class. I harshly criticize their work and thrive to be better. I do everything I can to be at the top of my game. I feel like Iím going in the right direction to fulfill my dreams but there is always that thought that I might just not make it. I try to ignore it but itís always right there, piercing my thoughts and delaying my work. It camps out in the back of my mind and taunts me. I feel like if I canít beat that thought, that I canít make it in this world.

Now you might be asking yourself, which one do I want. The beauty and popularity, or the job youíve always dreamed of. Personally, the job sounds better. I recently watched the movie about kids in New York City, following their dreams. Some make it and some donít. A boy is told he isnít good enough and decides to follow his dream the best he can, but now his dream is cut short to a small dance studio in Iowa. I donít want to be like him. Sure, thatíd be nice to at least do something that has to do with what you dream of, but I want to live my dream to the fullest. I want to be the best at what I do, but there are challenges down that road. In the movie, every kid faces problems, some minor some major. Some make it through and some donít. I just hope everyday that Iíll be able to push and fight my way through those problems and come out on the other side successful.

Everyone wants to have success. Everyone wants to live out their dreams and be what they want to be. But some canít. I just hope that I can be in the group that accomplishes their goals. But to accomplish your goals, you have to fight those negative thoughts of failing. And the only way to do that is get out there and try to succeed in your dream.

Sometimes I feel like dreaming is one of the only things that keeps us back from success. I feel like wishing we were something else restrains us from living happily. But the only way you will ever know is by trying to do what you love. And itís a risk. But what is life without a risk. Nothing.

The only way to be what you want to be is by going out and trying. And if youíre going to try, you might as well try hard. Donít sit back and keep on wishing you had risked everything. Risk it now while you still have the chance. Following your dreams is worth the pain. And when you hit the pain, fight it. Because if you donít, it will consume you and ruin you.

Follow your dreams, but do it knowing youíre going to face hardships and trials down the road. And be ready with your chin up and fists ready to fly because the fight isnít easy. Iím doing everything I can to fight. Iím doing everything I can to accomplish my dreams. So donít worry about what people say, just be ready to take criticism and use it to your advantage. Remember your dreams and when youíre ready to quit remember why you took the risk in the first place. When it comes to following your dreams, once youíve taken the risk thereís no turning back.

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