CHICAGO 1929 | By: Terry Collett | | Category: Short Story - Reflections Bookmark and Share


It is the time when
Pearl invites you for
Coffee in that old
Back street café in

Chicago back in
29 and then
Takes over the whole
Of talking, her jaw

Going on some, her
Husband and what he
Did and what he was
Doing, and how the

Money was spent, and
How she feared he was
Seeing someone else,
But she had no proof,

Only maybe the
Scent was different,
And you watched her mouth
Opening and then

Closing, and her hat
That horrible blue,
And that light grey coat,
And her lips and that

Awful red lipstick.
Her eyes are too close
Together. Daddy
Said about people

With eyes like that. Not
To be trusted. Keep
Your distant he warned.
Should have listened then.

Wonder how she sleeps
With a man like that
Beside her. All talk
Of money and them

Going places and
Having things, never
How much he loves her
And not a single

Word about a child
Or having one or
Her wanting one or
Even her thinking

About the mere fact
Of one. You smile like
You always smile. Nod
The head. Give the vague

Impression that you
Want to hear more. Wish
To hell she’d stop the
Noise, the yapping jaw.

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