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Hindel Kidz 2: Holy Triplets

                                                                 Hindel Kidz 2: 

                                                                 Holy Triplets


The whole reason for getting Elmer was so Nibby could have a baby. Now when there is one male goat and more then one female goat, something is bound to happen.

Elmer really liked Porsche. He would chase her around the pen.

Everyone laughed because Porsche was taller then Elmer. Porsche was part dairy goat. Bandit was the biggest goat, but Porsche was the largest girl.

Finally, she gave up and let Elmer catch her. Elmer didn’t pay very much attention to Nibby.

Over the next few months, it looked like Porsche was gaining weight.  She went through some changes.  She was not the friendliest goat. Now she wanted all the attention. She liked being petted and was very loving. Her due date was May 11, 2005.

Porsche continued to get bigger and bigger. Jack, Sven and Grace (Sven’s fiancée) could tell she had one baby on each side. She was at least going to have twins. Even though Porsche was more loving, she didn’t like it when they tried to see if they could feel one of babies moving.

May 11th came and Porsche didn’t show any signs the pygmy goat handbook had mentioned. Seven days later, Jack was out in the pen and he noticed Porsche had started to make a little nest. He checked the book and it said it was one of the signs the goat would be having her babies soon. Jack separated Porsche from the rest of the goats. The book said the babies probably weren’t going to be born for another eight hours.

Even though, Jack went out to check on her every hour. Grace wanted to stay, but she had to get up early and go to work the next morning. When Jack decided he would check on Porsche one last time before he went to bed, he saw three little black things lying on the straw. Porsche just didn’t have twins; she had triplets! She was going crazy. She didn’t know which baby to lick first.

 Everyone would be happy to learn after 153 days of effort and patience on the part of their friend Porsche, the baby goats had arrived. When Sven and Grace stopped by early the next morning, they couldn’t believe it.

“I knew she was going to have triplets. She had one baby on each side, there had to be something in the middle,” Jack said. “ She didn’t go by the book.” Jack is often teased about going “by the book” since he had believed everything it said.

Grace was a little upset she didn’t get to see Porsche have the triplets. However, she was a little less upset because no one had been able to see Porsche. It had happened too quickly.

“Three little baby goats! How lovely,” Grace exclaimed. “I’m an aunt.”

They were all black with a little bit of white on their ears. Porsche did turn out to be a very good mommy. Anytime one of the triplets would make the littlest sound, Porsche was right there. She also would lick them and nudge them back on their feet if they tried to lie down.

By the time the triplets were two days old, they were already jumping up on the planks of wood along the side of the pen.

They never “officially” named the triplets. Porsche had two boys and a girl. Sven and Grace started calling one, Cannibal, because he would chew on everything…clothes, fingers, hair. The other boy they affectionately called Numbskull. The girl they named Drumette because she liked to get up and jump around on an old metal washtub and it sounded like she was playing the drums.

Since the triplets had been handled from the time they were six hours old, they were very friendly and loved attention. They loved to climb and jump all over you.

One time, one decided it wanted to sleep on Grace’s lap. That was fine except it wouldn’t lay still. Every two seconds, it would jump down, then jump back up on her lap and roll around. She went back in the house and said, “I just got beat up by a baby goat.”


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