On his window | By: Rajashri Saphia Singh | | Category: Short Story - Adventure Bookmark and Share

On his window

You know.
It's nice.
Being in his room.
Standing there, as if hiding from the world. Smiling within, and refraining, as if I've done something guilty.
But! O!
I am.
Loving him.
A guilty feeling.
Unanimous. Strange.
And I'm squinting against the bright sunlight that streams through his window.
And I'm drawing. Drawing a face on his window.
A face of my love to him.
A face with the symbol of my eyes, staring out.
A face that is at once immense, so powerful.

And all this while, I feel him staring.
Me and my behavior.

All eyes on his window.
And he is leaving.
Not as yet. But soon.
And I'm grabbing the only chance that I think I'll ever get.
Even though, towards the end, letting go might hurt.
Hurt painfully.
Slash my heart.

And all that blood of love.
Smeared on his window.

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