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White lies

Let me reach out and touch your hand.
Let me feel your skin against the tip of mines.
Let me feel the sparks I imagine I'll feel when we touch.
Let me pass you the electric love I feel whenever I am near you, standing close, my shirt brushing against yours.

You are sad you know.
And a coward.
You lie.
And you let me touch your hand.
But not by surprise, but by motive.
Because you don't want me to know.
You are scared.
Of me.
Of losing me.
Now, are you ?

If I reached out to you and touched your hand by surprised, you'll start fearing.
But you'll also understand the way i feel about you is the same way you feel about me.
And learn to trust.

We chat.
Actually barely. But i have seen the look in your eyes.
I have seen the way I find you studying me.
O! Beloved.
When we message each other, I like to watch the type box
dot dot dot disappear dot dot dot disappear
It's like a song without a sound soothing my ears. Cos I know you are telling me something in your silence.
Dot dot dot disappear.
Tell me plain, tell me straight.

Do you understand?
Why am I telling you this?
Come out in the open! Tell me and don't shy away.

I'm making up stories. Stories, I think, that would pull you towards me. 
O! But you're so slow, aren't you?
I want you.
The time you take forces me to believe those made-up stories.
And dear beloved, I'm starting to believe in them.
Slowly, those lies are becoming my reality.
Come out in the open.
Before it's too late.
Time is escaping.

White lies <3

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