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State Trooper

State Trooper

Feels like Iíve been down this road before, thought Iíve never been to this state before.When your driving for what seems like days I guess all the roads in these North Eastern states just kind of blend together. From where I am now I can see the glow of the city lights off to my right it could be any city in the US they all look the same from this far off.

Looks like Iím the only one on this road, good thing too, I like it when itís just me the car and the road. I kinda wish I had a nicer car, I mean sheís a bit slow I wouldnít exactly try to out run any cops if you know what I mean. I never felt the need to get a licence Iíve always gotten by one way or another. You do what you have to you know. I guess thatís why I donít feel bad about some of the things Iíve had to. That donít mean no one else has had a problem with me, I mean the courts judge cops, theyíve all been on my back before, Acually come to think of it I donít think Iíve ever had a good run in with cop state troop or sheriff. That donít mean I got something againstĎem I mean they do what they gotta do too right.

I get tired of thinking, feels like Iím going in circles. Sometimes you run out of things to think about just like youíd run outta stuff to talk about with some one. Iím not much for talking any way, people assume so much in a conversation think they know you like they Ďve got you figured out thatís why I usually leave most things unsaid. I donít think any ones really known me, could explain why I donít a wife or kids hell I donít even have a dog, maybe I could do some time in a shrinks chair or something, some one else could figure that shit out. As for right now I could give a fuck I gotta concentrate on driving.

I reach for the radio, turn it on, once the speakers come to life all I can hear is talk radio, if I wanted to listen to people talk Iíd have more friends. Skipping through the stations I canít find any thing itís just talk, talk, talk, talk. Donít people know how to shut up itís 2 in the morning what could you possibly have to talk about, just talk talk talk talk till you lose your patience, till you canít listen any more.I reach over and turn the knob till I feel the click, silence the only salvation for me at this point I guess. I can hear my stomach now I guess I missed dinner. I needed to make time any way if Iím gonna make it to where Iím going. I donít know how far I am cause I havnít seen a road sign in the last 70 miles and I donít remember what that one said.

All I see is darkness usually I like it but Iím so damn tired. It hurts my eyes to see the cars coming the other way itís been a while since the last one, but here comes some dick now with his high beams on. My eyes strain as he goes by and I do my best from running off the road as he passes. A cop, good thing I just let him pass I donít really need any more attention, Iíve got more problems then just no licence. I can see his brake lights come on and watch in my rear view as he turns around. I can feel my heart sink cause Iíve been here before.I think to my self Mr. State Trooper please donít you stop me over and over in my head. About 70 feet back I can make out the light on top of his cruiser, they arenít on Ö..yet. Itís hard to concentrate on driving when your being followed like this. Mr State Trooper please donít you stop me. Iím not sure what heís doing back there but he sure is taking his time, if he is gonna stop me letís get it over with.

Maybe heís not gonna stop me, Maybe heís a got a kid maybe heís got a pretty wife and heís just on his way home cause his shift is over. The inside of my car turns red I guess he ran the plates or maybe itís a random check , either way Iím surprised how calm I am for what has to happen now. Iím not one to get jittery when dealing with cops but like I said before Iíve had some bad experiences in the past. I find the signal with my left hand and pull over, I can hear the sound of my tires over the gravel shoulder, as I come to a stop my car lights up with his flood lights. I donít know if he can see me pray from where he is but I hope I did him justice.I can see in my rear view mirror as he gets out and puts his hat on Iím not sure why he bothered maybe itís an authority thing, but itís kind of dark to need to be protected from the sun. I can hear his boots crunching over the gravel I just drove over I can see the dust he kicks up approaching from behind my car. Too bad I think to my self this kid couldnít be more then 24. As he gets closer the weight in my hand gets heavier and it gets harder to do what Iíve gotta do. He leans over and says licence and registration.

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