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confused potty training

When it came time for our daughter to start potty training, my wife and I had really hyped up the fact that her two older brothers went on the potty and that she was getting big enough to use the potty like they were. Without pressuring her and letting the idea sink in for a while, we were patient. But she must have been paying attention to see if the boys really did go on the potty, and eventually when I asked her if she wanted to try she was ready. We hurried to the bathroom, where she carefully positioned the step stool as she had seen the boys do, and then she removed her pullup and headed up onto the stepstool. At this point is when she realized the the process she had been witnessing from the boys wasn't going to work for her, she stood there and looked at me and said "but Dad I don't have a tail". We eased her confusion and she is now 7 and a perfect litte lady

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