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Hi Natasha Natasha's breath caught as a Private Message appeared on her screen. It's James. She smiled. James was sweet and funny. She loved her talks with him online. He was so nice to her. It was a shame the boys at Anderson High werent like that. Hey James. Whats up? She typed. Nothing much. Just thinking about you Awwww!!!! He was so sweet! Dont flatter me James. Natasha blushed. She was so happy James couldnt see her at that moment. Hows things with Jemma? She asked him. Jemma was Jame's on/off girlfriend. They were having problems and Natasha always gave James advice. Broke up again. She was seeing Danny. He typed. Her heart fluttered. They werent seeing each other. Jemma had been two timing James with Danny Again! Danny was Jemma's brothers best mate. Awwww no worries. She doesnt know whats shes missing James. Natasha typed. A boring, sensitive guy with like no life? He asked. Natasha loved the way he was so funny but hated the way he put himself down. She told him that. James, come on babe, be real! Your funny and sweet! I cant believe Jemma is using you like this! She had a feeling James was sighing on the other end of the conversation. Was. He typed. Was using me Natasha rolled her eyes. Okay babe. Was using you. Dont make the same mistakes with her James. Natasha heard the tapping outside her door and quickly closed her conversation with James.
"Come in!" She yelled. Natasha's Mum entered the room.
"For God's sake Tasha! Get off that bloody computer! It's not good for your eyes honey!"
"Mum," Natasha rolled her eyes. "I like the computer and plus, I'm downloading some music,"
"Well, dont be on there too long, your Dad needs to phone New York again,"
"Yeah again, Tash, what are you doing on that Internet? Are you talking to boys again? Its dangerous online honey!" She said in a stern voice.
"No Mum!" Natasha said, giving her Mum a mischevious grin.
"Okay. Tash, I gotta go to work now. Be good for your Dad," She kissed Natashas head and walked out. "Theres pizza in the freezer for dinner! Get you and Paul some!" She said, reffering to Natashas, brother, Paul.
"Sure thing Mum!" Natasha called, closing her door.
Are you still there? A message flashed onto her screen. Yeah sorry! Mum came in! Tasha typed back. Look, Tash, I gotta go babe. Natasha arched her eyebrows. Natasha bit her lip, this wasnt the first time James had asked her this. James, ive told you. My Mum would freak! She could almost hear James pleading voice. She doesnt have to know! Im safe babe, you know I am! Natasha hesitated. She was so desperate to meet James, she forgot her morals. Okay She typed. But only for five minutes and it has to be today, my Mum is off the rest of the week, Natasha regretted her desicion as soon as she had said it. But she couldnt change her mind now. James would be so disappointed. Sure. He typed. Meet me at the Chip Shop uptown in about half an hour And then a little message came up on her screen. User 'James' offline.
"Grrr!!!!!" She said. Now there was no way to not meet James. She had to get uptown otherwise James would be crushed. She couldnt stand to lose James as a friend. But she also knew he had other ideas about their friendship.
She pulled on her favourite blue jeans and her sleeveless hooded top and grabbed a fiver from her purse and ran to the bustop. Maybe if she told James that she waited but he wasnt there, then she'd get out of it. She thought as the bus pulled to a halt at Natasha's bus stop. She climbed aboard and asked for her fare. Dropping the change into the scratched plastic bowl she scrambled to the back of the bus and took a seat. She watched as the bus pulled away from the stop. Natasha noticed that the day had become more dreary than ever. She watched the raindrops slowly fall down the bus's windows. Then she noticed a familiar sight. Shops. Oh no! She thought. I'm here. I dont wanna go through with this. But she jumped off the bus, mumbling a thank you to the driver. She took snail steps to the chip shop. But as she turned the corner she speeded up. There was a truly amazing sight. An absoloutely drop dead gorge lad holding a dozen red roses in his hand. Could it be? She thought to herself. As she neared the chippie, she noticed a label on the card To Natasha It read. Taking a deep breath, Tasha walked up to this handsome stranger.
"Are you James?" She asked. The boy gazed into her eyes, and nodded. She smiled. James looked at Tasha and knew that this was the girl for him. He dropped the red roses and pulled her close for a passionate kiss. In her mind, she Natasha knew she had found her
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