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The Rose Garden at Hever Castle, in Kent.

It was in the year of 1532, when King Henry the Eighth first saw the young and newly returned Anne back home in her father's rose garden's at Hever Castle in Kent, outside of London, England.

She had just returned from France and had accompanied her sister, Mary along with King Henry's sister, Princess Mary Rose, the one they named the "Tudor Rose" to go to France and wait on her when she became the Queen consort of old King Louis the XII of France.

How excited she was, and very young to be sent all away to France to complete her social skills in sewing, singing, and dancing. She learned how to dress and how to attract a young man as well.

But all good things must come to an end, because all of a sudden not soon after Princess Mary Rose became Queen Consort of France, did old King Louis the XII of France died of a stroke.
This left Princess Mary Rose, a Dowanger Queen of France, and a new King was crowned and a new Queen consort mounted the throne with him.

She perferred not to have English ladies around, but Young Anne caught the eye of Margurite of France, King Francis' only sister and she asked that Anne be allowed to stay in her court.
Thus permission was readily granted and Anne was allowed to stay, whereas, her older sister was sent back to England.

Well the time came, when Anne's father, sent for her to return home and so she returned to England's soil.

Anne did not fancy herself a pretty young lady, she did have beautful hands, long dark hair, and could sing and dance gracefully. But she was unusually dark with olive skin and eyes. Unlike the raving beauties of the day.
So she was content to stay within the confine of her father's castle at Hever until a proper match could be found for her.
She had no idea that she had caught the king's eye and did not give it a second thought, because she knew King Henry was married to Queen Katherine of Aragon and that everyone adored her for her piety and goodness.
She had asked herself many times over whom would want to marry her. She was not beautiful and so therefore, wondered if her father could or would ever find her a match.

Anne strolled up and down the isles of the rose gardens she loved. She grew up at Hever with a loving family around her and now had caught the king's roving eye after he had successfully gotten ridden of Elizabeth Blount.

Anne did not give King Henry the Eighth a second thought, because she knew that her father was in the making of a marriage for her to her cousin, George Bulter,whom lived in Ireland.

King Henry walked slowly up the isle to where Anne was sitting by herself and he smiled. She did not know whom he was because she had just gotten back from France and therefore did not rise.

He bowed and she rose and did a curtsey and then sat down again, and he said, Hello, Mistress Boleyn, I have not seen you in a while since you went to France."
Anne answered,"Sir, that was some 12 years ago," whom might you be"?
"I am just some one whom is hunting in your father's forests for enjoyment."
Henry replied back .
"I see, and did you hunt good game, Sir." Anne asked him.
"Aye", I caught a deer or two, but for the most part I come out here to escape from the Court and to be myself." Henry answered.
"I see, so you are from the King's Court." She asked.
"Aye, I am." he replied.
Never did Anne dream that this conversation in the garden of Hever Castle Kent, would lead to her rise and fall and produce Henry a daughter a year later, whom they name "Elizabeth."
She would be known as "Gloriana" and give England's it great name.
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