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The Journey Home

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The Journey Home

The day I was born, the Lord placed me on the Journey Home.

Before I can enter the Home of eternal peace, there is an earthly
journey I must complete.

During my journey, I will be comfronted with trials and tribulations.
For you see, I must travel this journey to earn my salvation.

I may falter along the way. I pray to the Heavens to give me strength
to keep me from going astray.

As I travel this journey, my escort will be Jesus the Christ. For He
is my guide to the holy after life.

When my earthly journey is complete, please dear loved ones do not weep.
For I am going Home to be with my Father.

When I arrive, I will welcome my Father's words, "Well done My faithful and
loyal lamb. You are now Home with Me. Rest your tired body and rejoice in
eternal peace."

Brandon K. Brewer
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