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Little Girl Lost

type story here She was born on born on December 17, 1978 at Monte Clare Baptist Medical Center in Birmingham,Alabama, to a unwed mother whom lost her first child, in 1975. At the time of her first child she was married, but then she did the unforgivable sin according to her famiy, and went out and got pregnant. The first reaction she received is, Oh My God How did that happen, from her father.
Oh come on now, everyone knows how one gets pregnant. I did not plan the pregnancy, but her father did. He wanted to marry me, and I had just gotten out of one bad marriage a year before.
The summer months drag on in 1978, when my family got more ugly with me and less supportive of me, because I did what was unthinkable. I went out and got pregnant and I was not married.

My youngest sister was insanely jealous and said, why did she get pregnant, and not me, I am married, Lord. But years before I did not get an abortion because some man told me to do so.

Pressure mounted upon me, and I had no choice but to go into a home for unwed mothers in Birmingham, Alabama.
A case worker, Irene Smith drove me to the home. Little did I know I was a prime candidate for having my baby taken away from me, because No.1 I am mentally disabled and #2 I am white.
So, all odds were against.
I arrived at Salvation Army Home for unwed mothers on a cold October day.
Some six weeks later, I gave birth to a daughter, I named her Rebecca Annalen Wesson. SHe had blue eyes and blonde hair and much resembled her father, Roy Mock and myself. She weighed 7lbs03oz and was 21.25 inches long. She was adorable.
Later on I did not realize I would call her Little Girl Lost, because she was removed from my care and my parental rights terminated soley on the basis of mental illness and disability. And she was placed into an adoptive home where she could not live up to the expectations of the people whom adopted her, but she loves them and not me, so I call her my little girl lost.
One day she will return hopefully when she realizes whom she is and whose daughter she is. I hope and pray.
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