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Sharp Death

The night was cold and dark. I just said goodbye to my friends. The six of us had been out to a club that night.
My best friend was Faye Tozer. She loved to party, she always took me to clubs and party's. She was a lot older than me. I was just 16 years old and I was still in school, she was 25 but we still got on extremely well. She always new how to make me laugh, she was someone I could turn to when I had a problem and she was my true best friend.
Then there was Lisa Scott - Lee who was a lot like Faye. She was also a great party girl. She was the same age as Faye and the two of them always went to clubs when the other four of us wanted a night in. Lisa and I also got on really well, she was a great friend to me as was Faye.
The final girl in our little group was Claire Richards. She was slightly younger than Faye and Lisa but still older than me, she was 23. But just like Faye and Lisa she was one of my best friends. She was also a bit shyer than Lisa and Faye but even though I was closest with Faye Claire was more like me, sure we both liked parties but not as much as Lisa and Faye did.
Lisa, Faye and Claire were three of my best friends. I could turn to them with my thoughts and problems and they could do the same with me. I don't know what I would have done without them in my life!
Then there was Lee Latchford - Evans, he was the oldest in our group. He was nearly 26, he was a very loyal and trusting friend. He was probably the most loyal guy I ever met.
Last but not least there was Ian Watkins or H as we all call him. We called him H because he was very hyper, maybe a bit to hyper for our liking but we all loved him. He was the comedian of the bunch and always knew how to cheer us up when we were feeling down and make us laugh, but then there was him serious side which was sweet and caring.
I was very close to them all, they meant the world to me but the events that followed changed everything forever.

The evening was a Saturday night that generally meant party night. But it was nearly 2am so we decided to call it a night. We all walked outside and said our goodbyes for the night. Firstly I hugged H and Lee, then I hugged Lisa and Claire and kissed them on the cheek. Faye and I walked away from them and I shouted back "I'll call you tomorrow" and waved. I headed home with Faye because we both lived fairly close to each other which was convenient.
The night was cold and dark. I looked at the starless sky. I was wearing a long black jacket that kept me warm from the cold night air. Faye and I walked linking arms and we headed towards an ally way. It was dark and we couldn't see the end of the ally but we started to walk. I noticed how quiet it had become, all we could hear was our own footsteps. We didn't say a word as we walked.
My head went dizzy for a second and I stopped still.
"Caz, what's wrong?" Faye asked.
Before I could answer I felt a tug on the collar of my Jacket and the next thing I new I was lying on the floor.
"Caz!!!!" Faye screamed.
I looked up to see a tall dark figure standing by my head. I couldn't see it's face but it was dressed all in black. It stepped over me and walked towards Faye. Faye took a steps back as I got to my feet. I tapped the figure on the shoulder and as I did so it turned quickly and hit me in the face. It was like a 2 second black out. It's arm was so powerful as it hit my face. I stumbled backwards and fell on to the floor. It took me a while to realise what had just happened. When I was once again aware of the surroundings around me I noticed how close it was to Faye and I could see the fear in her eyes.
"Faye!" I screamed.
The figure turned around and walked over to me. His feet were as close to me as they could get. The figure pulled it's foot back and I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. I then felt a sharp grip around my neck getting tighter and tighter. I couldn't see what Faye was doing but I hoped she had run away and was safe. But I was out of luck and I saw Faye standing behind this figure.
"Faye Run!!!!" I just about managed to shouted over to her.
"No, I wont leave you" I heard her shout back.
The figure let go of my neck and quickly and sharply turn to face Faye and started to walk towards her. The pain in my stomach was getting worse, but I just about managed to pick myself up. I was very badly winded and I saw the figure and Faye struggling by a wall.
I heard Faye screaming but my mind wasn't right, I couldn't think straight. When I finally got myself back together I picked up a blank of wood that was lying on the floor. I quickly walk up to the figure and smacked the wood against the back of the figures legs. I heard a groan as I saw it fall to the ground. I grabbed Fayes hand and screamed "RUN!!!!"
The two of us ran as fast as we could. We found ourselves running in the opposite direction from our houses which maybe wasn't such a good idea but I guess it was just instinct.
Faye and I were still holding hands as we ran. Our hearts were beating really fast.
I heard Faye shout, " Lisa's house! Head for Lisa's house!"
Lisa didn't live that far from where we were and we ran in her direction. We didn't dare look behind us in case he or she or it was not far behind, we just kept running. We finally reached Lisa's front door and started banging on the door.
"LISA!!" We screamed over and over again while banging on the door.
Lisa eventually unlocked her door. As she did so Faye and I ran over the treshold and slammed the door behind us. Lisa wiped her eyes as she was very tired, but then noticed noticed how out of breath we were and how scared we looked.
"What's wrong? What's happened?" Lisa asked.
We walked into Lisa's living room and sat on her sofa with Lisa sitting on a chair opposite us. After we got our breath back we explained to her what had happened.
"Oh, my god!" Lisa said, "have u gone to the police?"
"No, we ran straight here!" Faye answered.
Our hearts skipped a beat as we heard banging at the front door. We exited the living room and stared at the front door. We saw a black shadow in the glass.
Our eyes wondered away from the glass as we saw the letter box open. A piece of paper was pushed through the letter box. The shadow in the glass then disappeared.
We stared at the piece of paper lying on the floor. None of us wanted to pick it up. What would it say?
"What do we do?" I cried.
"Someone pick it up!" Lisa replied.
We were still shaking, it was early hours of the morning and there wasn't a soul about. We decided to pick up the piece of paper together. We all clutched hands and moved towards the door. Lisa reached down and picked it up. She read it out aloud:
"I'll never forget the past, you tore me in two and now you must pay the consequences. The fun has just begun and one by one I will cut out your hearts and slaughter you. And don't even think about going to the police or telling anyone cause I will kill every one you care about as well."
Lisa finished reading it and all the way through reading that letter I noticed fright in her voice. Lisa hugged myself and Faye, this was not good. Why was this happening? We had done nothing wrong!
That night we stayed with Lisa. We couldn't sleep. All we thought about was the events of the evening. But the big question was What had we done in the past? We didn't understand what was meant by this. What had we done? These questions went over and over in our minds.
The night past, we didn't get any sleep at all, the sun rose in the sky. When the sun rose I realised that last night wasn't a dream. It was reality and I could feel the reality of it on my ribs from where I was kicked. I was still in pain, I felt an aching sensation in my ribs, the pain around my neck had just about gone now, but I had red marks on my neck from where the figure or It tried to strangle me.
I was laying on the sofa and I looked around the room. I saw Lisa sitting on a chair in the corner of the room. She had her head in her hands and Faye was standing by the window looking outside.
"Shall we call the others?" I asked, "I think we should all stay together!"
"yes that’s a good idea!, they need to be hear!" Faye signed.
I pulled out my mobile phone from my coat pocket. I dialled Claire's number and put the phone to my ear. I t was ringing but Claire took a while to answer it after all it was seven in the morning.
"Hello!" Claire said half asleep.
"Hi Claire, it's Caz."
"Caz, its early."
"I know Claire and I'm sorry but I have reasons. Something has happened!"
My voice started to tremble, and after that I knew Claire was scared because I could hear it in her voice.
"Why? What's happened?" Claire panicked.
"Claire, come to Lisa's house as soon as possible and I'll explain what has happened. Call H and Lee and tell them to come too. But make sure you come here with them. Don’t come by yourself!!!!"
"OK!" Claire was getting frightened now even more than before. I always knew what mood she was in and I could tell she was scared, we all were.
"Bye Claire!"
I hung up. Faye moved away from the window and came to sit by me on the sofa. We waited and waited for them to come. There was nothing we could do but wait. We tried to think of how we could tell Claire, lee and H. It would have to be either me or Faye that tells them because we were the ones who were attacked.
We heard a knock at the door. Lisa ran out of the living room.
I heard Lisa shout, "Who is it?"
"It's only us!" Lee shouted back.
Lisa unlocked the door and let them in. Claire ran up to Lisa and gave her a hug. A tear rolled down Lisa's cheek.
"Lisa what's going on?" Claire asked, "you've never asked who's at the door before when somebody has been there!"
"You had better sit down!" Lisa walked back into the living room with H, Lee and Claire following.
I had my head resting on Faye's shoulder and she had her arm around me. I could feel Faye shaking and I wasn't any better. H saw we were upset and ran over to us to see what was wrong.
I sat up straight and told everyone to sit down. H sat next to me on the sofa. Claire sat in an arm chair in the corner of the room. Lee sat on a chair opposite me and Lisa sat on a chair next to Lee.
Faye and I in turn explained to them what had happened the night before. Lisa, Faye and I noticed the other three were in shock. It took a while for it to sink in. Lisa then showed them the letter. No one new what to say.
"Past?" H shouted "What past?"
H was the first to speak. We still couldn't work out what we had done in the past. What happened in the past? This question went over and over in our brains.
The time was getting on. We didn't realise how fast it had gone, it was nearly mid - afternoon.
"Guys, I think you should all stay at my house tonight!" Lisa said as she stood to her feet.
The day past, we sat comforting each other. As I looked out the window I noticed the daylight had gone. Darkness had passed over us. It turned cold, like ice cold. I could see the thick fog circling outside.
"I'm just going to get something from up stairs!" Lisa said, "I'll get some sheets and stuff."
"Lisa don’t go alone!" Faye said.
"It's my house, I don’t think anything will happen!"
"Lisa, please!" Faye cried.
"Fayes right Lisa!" Claire commented "I'll go with you."
I saw Lisa and Claire exit the room and heard their footsteps on the stairs.
"what are we gonna do?" H asked.
"I don’t know" Faye cried.
We had no idea what was going to happen. We couldn't go to the police, we didn't want to risk the lives of others just to save our own skin.
We sat still looking at the clock. We heard screams coming from up stairs. We ran out into the hallway as fast as we could. I stood at the bottom of the stairs and screamed as I saw Claire roll down the stairs, she landed at my feet.
"Claire!" I screamed at the top of my voice.
I looked up and saw Lisa running down the stairs. When she got to the bottom of the stairs she knelt down and pulled Claire to her feet. Claire was just about able to walk.
"Come on, we have to get out of here now!" Lisa ordered.
"What? What's happened?" Lee asked.
"He's here, he's in the house, just go!" Lisa cried.
H opened the front door and ran outside with Lee following. Faye then left the house and I helped Lisa carry Claire outside. H ran up to the door and slammed it shut when all of us were outside. I looked down and saw blood pouring down Claire's leg.
"O my god, Claire, you're bleeding!" I cried.
Lisa turned to me and said, "He has a knife, he tried to kill us and we just about managed to escape."
"Claire , we need to get you to a doctor!" Faye shouted.
"There's no time!" She cried "we need to get out of here!"
Claire had one arm around Lisa and one arm around me. The boys led the way with Faye in the middle and myself, Claire and Lisa behind. I stopped for a minute and looked behind me. The front door was wide open at Lisa's house.
"Hey H, didn't you shut the door?" I asked H.
H turned around to face Lisa's house and replied, "Yeah, I did!"
We all turned around to face the house. There was just darkness in the house. Then we all saw him standing in the door way, we froze at the site of him or her or it. We didn't know who it was or what it was. It started walking towards us and stopped half way. I could see it was wearing a long black coat with a black top underneath, it also had black trousers on and I could see its mask, again it was black. It was just like a ghost with darkness in its eyes. I saw it reach into it's coat, as I held on to Claire I was terrified at what it was going to pull out of its coat and I was right to be afraid. The thing or figure pulled out a long, pointed, sharp knife that glistened in the moonlight. I saw the blood on the knife and I guessed that was from Claire's leg. It started walking towards us.
"Go!" Lee shouted, "Go, run"
We all turned and ran as fast as our legs could carry us. By Lisa and I were slowing down as we had to carry Claire as well. I could see the trail of blood from Claire trailing behind us.
I looked at Claire as we ran and saw she was getting very weak, he eyes were half closed and we was now dragging on the floor.
"Claire, hang on please!" I begged. I didn't want to loose her.
"Where are we going?" Faye screamed.
"My House!" H shouted.
I couldn't see very well because we were running really fast but I think I saw H pull out some keys from his pocket. As we finally reached H's house he opened the door. We rushed in as fast as we could.
"Take Claire upstairs, to my room!" H said as he locked and bolted the door.
Lisa and I carried Claire upstairs with the others following. When we reached H's bedroom we put her on the bed and rested her head on the pillow. She looked so lifeless. I looked at Faye and saw tears rolling down her cheek. I walked over to her and wrapped my arms around her.
"Every things going to be OK Faye!" I reassured her.
"Maybe we should get her some food and drink to give her some strength!" Lee suggested.
"Yeah that’s a good idea Lee!" H said, "I'll go!"
"I'll come with you!" I walked towards H.
"No, its ok, I'm a big boy I can take care of myself!"
"H……" I said.
"I'm ok Caz, I'll be back up in a minute!" H replied.
As he headed for the stairs I said "H, be careful!"
I don’t think he heard me because he didn't reply, I just saw him walk down the stairs.
Fear was surrounding me.
I waited nervously for H to return. I heard a bang coming from downstairs and a groan.
I looked and Faye and together we said, "H!"
I ran down stairs and Faye followed me. We held hands and expected the worse. We got to the bottom of the stairs and H flew across the hall way and hit the front door hard with a loud bang.
"H" Faye screamed as the two of us ran over to see if he was ok.
We looked down the hall way and saw that figure.
"How did he find us?" I asked.
"He must have followed us!" H groaned.
Myself and Faye helped H to his feet.
"We must get upstairs!" Faye ordered.
We ran up the stairs and threw ourselves into H's bedroom and slammed the door shut.
"What's going on?" Lisa shouted.
"He's here!" Faye shouted, "H, is there a lock on the door?"
"Yes!" H said as he bolted the door shut.
We all walked back and sat on the door next to Claire. I held her hand as we waited once again. Everything went so quiet. We sat staring at the door. Suddenly we heard bangs and thumps coming from behind the door. It was trying to get in.
"What do you want?" Lee Shouted.
We then heard the figure speak for the first time.
"Let me in and I'll tell you!" The figure laughed.
There was no way we were going to let him in. We knew it was a him but his voice. It's voice was very low and croaky.
We screamed as the bangs became more and more violent. The thumps and bangs suddenly stopped. We looked at each other and wondered how we were going to get out of this. The walls seemed to close in on us. The night air crawled through the cracks in the wall.
We heard a load moan and we saw the blade of the knife smashed through the door. . We all screamed and jumped up from the bed and the figure slammed the knife in the door over and over again and managed to brake the door down. He was supprisingly strong. He headed very quickly towards Faye and put his hand around her neck. She grabbed his hand and tried to pull it off of her neck.
Lee ran to the figure and jumped on his back. The figure let go of Faye neck and turned sharply throwing Lee to the floor. He picked Lee up and pushed him towards the stairs and let him drop. Lee stumbled backwards and lost his footing causing him to roll down the stairs. We heard Lee shout and then several thumped. It all happened so quickly and we couldn't do anything.
"Lee!" H shouted as he headed towards the stairs.
But the figure was too quick for him. He grabbed hold of H's t - shirt and through him back into his bedroom. H landed on the floor and Lisa helped him to his feet.
"Why do I always end up on the floor?" H wondered brushing the dust off of him.
"No one leaves this room" The figure screamed while pointing at us, "Do you understand me? No one leaves this room, not even to help your friend who will be dead soon anyway!"
He then stared at Faye and pointed at her.
"You!" He said. "You're going to be the first to die!"
"What do you want with me?" Faye asked.
"I want to rip your heart out and break it in the half just like you did to me!"
"What are you talking about?" Faye cried.
"Does the name, Nick Schvorne trigger you memory?" He asked.
Myself, Lisa and H watched Faye and whoever this man was. But whatever he wanted, it seemed to have something to do with Faye. I was still clutching Claire's hand. She was still very weak.
"O my God!" Faye said, "I remember!"
"Do you remember what you did to him?" The man said as he moved closer to
Faye. "what you did to me?"
The figure slowly took off him black mask to reveal him face. He had dark short brown hair and green eyes. He had a scar on his right cheek. Faye looked at him.
"Nick?" She said.
"In the flesh babe!" He replied, "you might think I'm a phsyco but really I'm just a guy getting revenge on his ex!"
Faye looked at him and said, "What?"
"That right, we went out for many years, Faye was the love of my life, I was just about ready to propose to her and then she took a knife and…." Nick was now shouting and facing Faye, "Stabbed me in the heart, not literally of course, but Faye my dear, I want to stab you in the heart just like you did to me but I think you should take that literally."
I could see how upset and scared Faye was, I could see the tears rolling down her face.
"Now the time has come!" Nick laughed as he held the blade high up in the air.
"Faye!" I screamed as I ran as fast as I could towards Nick and pushed him to the floor.
"Lets go!" H shouted.
"Wait! We can't leave Claire!" Lisa cried.
"And we can't keep running forever!" Faye replied. "Let finish this!"
I saw Nick get to his feet. He did not look happy.
"Now that hurt!" Nick looked at me, he looked so angry, like fire in his eyes.
I heard his shout as he ran towards me. It all happened so quickly and I didn't move until I found myself falling to the ground.
"Now stay there!" Nick screamed.
How were we going to escape from this man, he was so strong. H knelt down beside me.
"We have to do something!" He whispered.
"I know!" I replied.
"Now!" Nick said as he pulled a pistol out of his pocket, "Who wants to die after Faye, it looks like ill have to cut out your hearts after the blow your brains out."
He pointed the gun at us. I thought I should take a chance, stand up and grab the gun. Even if I get shot it'll probably save the lives of my friends, but obviously Lisa had the idea as well as she was quicker to act. She suddenly ran to Nick and pushed him backwards, she just about managed to grab the gun but let it drop. It fell to the ground. Faye was the quicker one out of us this time. She grabbed the gun off of the floor at lightening speed. She pointed it at Nick as he gave he an evil glare.
"Stay there!" Faye shouted at Nick.
We all looked in astonishment, this was a scene we never thought we'd see ourselves in. Nick was now on his knees looking at Faye holding the gun. He had a weird smile, it was really evil looking, like he was laughing at us inside.
"O come on babes" Nick shouted back, "You don’t have it in you to kill anyone, I know you to well."
The smile on Nicks face faded as he got to his feet and ran to Faye.
"Wrong!" Faye smiled "you used to know me too well!"
I heard a very loud bang and the next thing I knew Nick was on the floor bleeding.
"O my god!" Faye was shaking and she dropped the gun on the floor. "I killed him."
Lisa walked to Faye and picked up the gun. She then sat on the bed next to Claire. I stood to my feet and looked at Faye. My eyes then moved away from Faye to Nick who was lying on the floor with blood pouring out of him. Everyone was in shock.
Suddenly I saw Nick moved and he reached into his pocket to reveal another gun and pointed it at Faye. This happened extremely fast.
"Faye!!!!" I screamed.
Everything seemed to be going in slow motion. I ran towards Faye. I heard another loud bang and I jumped in the way of Faye and the bullet. I felt the bullet pierce the skin of my side. I fell to the floor. I pain felt like I was already dead. It wasn't like one bullet had his me, it was like a thousand bullets had hit me all in the same place. I had blood on my hands and the blood was rushing from my body. I started to shake slightly because I was so cold.
I heard another gun shot and looked over to Nick. There was blood pouring from his head so Lisa must have shot him and this time, killed him. Faye fell to the floor next to me. She held my hand and rested my head on her knees. I felt my life flash before my eyes and I knew this must be it. H and Lisa rushed over. Lisa took my hand and H knelt down next to me. I looked out of the door and I saw Lee coming up the stairs. He looked injured. As he saw me and stood still.
"Caz!" He Screamed as he ran over to me. He knelt down the next to Faye.
I looked up at Faye and saw the tears rolling down her cheek as she stroked my hair.
H took his mobile out of his pocket and dialled a number, I'm not sure what it was, I wasn't thinking straight. I think it was the ambulance he was calling.
"Caz, don't leave us!" Faye cried.
"Faye…'ve..always been…such a good friend to me….i'm going to miss…you" I tried to get my words out but it was just too hard.
"Caz!" Lisa cried, "Don't say your goodbyes, you're going to be fine."
I smiled at Lisa and she smiled back.
"Claire, I want to see…..Claire!" It was just so hard or me to get my words out but I could tell this was it and I wanted to see Claire for one last time.
Lisa and Faye helped me up on to the bed and lay next to her with my head resting on the pillow. I could see she was awake now which was a good sign she was going to make it. I slowly took her hand and she turned her head and looked at me. She saw the blood on my hands and then she saw I was hurt.
"Caz!" Claire was still very weak, "What happened!"
"Claire, the killer is dead" I said, "But not before he shot me!"
Faye turned to Claire and said, "He was trying to shoot me but Caz saved my life by Jumping in the way of the bullet."
Claire's grip on my hand tightened. I saw a tear roll down her cheek. Lisa, Faye, H and Lee all sat on the bed next to me and Claire. Faye sat next to me and held my hand, Lisa sat next to Claire and held her hand, Lee and H sat at the foot of the bed.
"Claire, your going to be fine!" I said, "But, I don’t want to leave you without saying my goodbye's."
"Caz, don't talk like that." Claire was shivering slightly.
All my friends thought I wad going to make it but I didn't have much home. The pain was so intense, I couldn't think, I could hardly talk, it hurt so much that I couldn't really do anything much. But I knew in my heart Claire was going to live, she had to.
I then spoke to all my friends, "I just wanted to say thank you for being my friends, I don’t know what I would have done without you!"
Faye's tears were flowing a lot more now. I felt the life was being squeezed out of me. I looked at Faye and then in turn each of my friends. I wanted to have a good look at their faces before I left them. The pain was increasing and becoming unbearable. Now it felt like a million knives stabbing me all over my body and there was nothing I could do about it.
The ambulance soon arrived but I died before they got there. And I can hear you ask if I died then how can I be telling the story? Well, I'm sure you can work it out. After I died I watched them from the corner of the room before the ambulance arrived.
Faye had her arms around me and she was in tears still.
"Caz!" She screamed.
"No! this is not happening!" H shouted.
Claire couldn't really move but I saw her looking at me and she was also crying and so was Lisa. Lee and H looked shocked and angry. H ran over to the other end of the bed where my head was.
"Caz, wake up, please!" He screamed.
I was motionless. Soon the ambulance arrived. I saw Faye and H holding me as paramedics tried to take me away.
"Don't you touch her!" Faye shouted.
Some more paramedics were seeing to Claire. She had lost a lot of blood, they eventually put her on a stretcher and carried her to the ambulance.
"Sir, we need to take her, I'm sorry for your loss!" A paramedic said.
After a while H and Faye let me go and I was put into a body bag. H, Lisa,
lee and Faye followed the paramedics outside. H had his arm around Faye and
Lee had his arm around Lisa, they road with Claire in the ambulance to the
That is a day I will never forget, it's the day I lost the people that meant
everything to me. I hope one day we can be reunited but that will be a long time yet,
until then I watch over them night and day and keep them safe. They meant more to me
than life and I'm glad I died saving a life, if anyone of them had died I wouldn't have
been able to live anyway. So what happened to Claire? I hear you ask. Well, the announced
me dead when they got there but they quickly took Claire off in the ambulance. She had to have stitched in her leg and given some more blood because she lost a lot of blood. But after a few months she was fine as I thought. I knew she would live and I was right. Faye, Claire, H, Lee and Lisa stayed friends and closer than they were before. 6 became 5 and I will miss them a lot but I will see them again. Faye, Claire, Lisa, H and lee……I will never forget them.

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