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Time Killing

It was a dim and dismal day in the eastern mountain region of Pennsylvania.  All alone and out in a rural area lived a man, he was a middle aged man with lots of time on his hands, a loner, so he began to think.  Was his thinking normal, or was his thinking psychotic?

The man was Laze, and as the sun set for the evening he headed up the mountain towards town.  While driving he began to chew on the inside of his cheek.  He had a taste for blood, and he also loved to watch himself bleed.  He would often cut himself open with his pocket knife and watch himself bleed.  Time can be really hard on some people, and Laze was no exception. 

On his way down the main drag in town he looked around.  He drove over to the skate park where the local children would play.  It was mainly young men skating, and the girls would watch as they spoke on their cell phones to friends and family.

This night would be different for Laze then any other night.  You see Laze was tired of watching himself bleed so he had a plan.  Was his plan murder, or was it humane?  Well it first turned out that Laze was just looking for a friend to talk to.  Someone he could share his day with and talk about life.  When you go on like Laze and have no one to speak with from day to day you grow lonely like a hermit, and you become recluse.  This night would turn out to be a night that Laze and the rest of the community would never ever forget!

Laze was parked near the skate park, and he began to watch the young boys skate in the park.  They were doing tricks and jumping off the wooden ramps and Laze went into a zoned out state of mind.  His blood pressure began to rise and his forehead grew moist with fresh sweat.  He thought for a bit and then opened his jeep door and slammed it shut causing the teenagers to look his way! 

One of the kids began to speak with another about Laze, he pointed out that this strange and bearded looking dirty man was watching them.  Laze started up his jeep and left to drive around the corner and think about what he wanted to do?  As he drove around the block he stopped at the near by stop sign and again zoned out only to be brought to by the sound of a horn honking from the police cruiser behind him.  He suddenly put on his signal and began to turn right and he watched his mirror as the police cruiser turned left going in the opposite direction.  As Laze neared the skate park again he stopped to clean off his passengers side seat.  Was he making room for a passenger, or was there private documents on the seat he didn't want anyone to see as they neared his vehicle?

He began to drive up to the skaters as they happened to be leaving the park.  As he drove up he then stopped and said to the one young teenage girl, "Excuse me young lady, aren't you Fester's daughter?"

The girl named Ann replied, "Yes I am, but who are you?"

Laze began to tell Ann that he was good friends with her father and knew him all his life!  He also said that her father had an emergency and that the reason for him staring earlier at her and her friends was because he was supposed to come and pick her up.

Ann was surprised.  "Well, ah, okay... I guess that would be alright being that I have so far to walk." 

Laze smiled and said, "No problem, that is why your father asked me to come and take you home!" 

So Ann said good bye to her friend's and then walked over and hopped into Lazes' old Jeep Cherokee. 

They began to drive, and the radio was on low pumping out old fashioned blue grass music.

Once Laze began to approach Ann's house she said, "It's right up here then!" 

Laze again began to zone out as he drove, driving right passed Ann's house and he was brought back to reality by her yelling, "Hey, I thought you knew where we were going?  You just drove right past our house!" 

Laze said to Ann, "Well I have to go by my place first to get some money I promised your mother."  He then extended his hand to Ann.  "Oh, by the way, the name is Laze." 

Ann kind of scared extended her sweaty palm and said, "Nice to meet you, lets just hurry up so that I can get home." 

Laze smiled and shook her hand and began the trip up the mountain.

As they left town Ann began to think to herself that she never seen Laze around and never heard of her parent's talking about him or his family.  She started to get worried as they left the small town of Creamville and headed up the dark and dreary mountain further and further into the woods.  When they finally reached the top of the mountain Laze turned left and then pulled off the road. 

Ann asked him, "What are you doing now?" 

He replied, "I am just getting out to pee quick and then putting a chew in, and then we will be down to my place and back in town before you know it." 

Ann relaxed then, just sitting there staring out the side window looking into the dark and creepy woods where only a few years ago she remembered 3 girls from the next town over were murdered.

After a short while Laze jumped back in and then spit one last time out his door and then he slammed it shut. 

Ann noticed a white and dirty rope sticking out of Laze's pocket.  She said nothing as the old jeep began to creep back on the road and travel down the mountain.  They approached Laze house and he stopped to check his mail box.  He then pulled up around the back of the house and the only light was an old arc light. 

Ann noticed a barn type building with no doors and no light inside!  She asked Laze, "Do you have horses or any other animals?" 

Laze said, "Just an old dog named Dusty, but he lives in the house with me." 

The jeep then came to a stop, the old engine sputtered as it came to a halt.  Then Laze opened his creaky door and began to cough as he got out. 

Ann mentioned, "It's very dark out here and getting cold, and my mother will be worried, and I hope my dad is okay!" 

Laze ignored her as he slammed his door and walked around the back of the old jeep.

Just as he got to the passengers side door he stopped as a car drove by and honked the horn.  Laze mumbled to himself in disgust as he was a loner and kept to himself.  He also realized that even though his house sat back off the road, the neighbors could see him at night when he was under the arc light.  Laze took out his chew and began to spit and cough.  Then pulled the rope from his pocket and opened up the passengers side door.

Ann got very scared, but she just looked into Laze's evil looking eyes and said nothing. 

He asked her to get out, and explained the rope was to walk Dusty around the property. 

She then breathed a sigh of relief. 

As they approached the porch Laze all of a sudden snapped, it was like a piece of his brain popped!  He grabbed Ann and covered her mouth as he began to tie her up! 

Ann screamed but it did no good, and she shook and tried to free herself but Laze was too strong.  He tied her hands behind her back and then threw her on the ground and began to tie up her feet. 

He laughed out loud in a horrible and psychotic manner.  He also told Ann if she made one sound he would cut her head off, and he then pulled out his pocket knife.  He stopped in thought, he wasn't sure what to do next, even though he thought of this day for years and years he never thought he would have what it took to carry this out.

There was an old rag in his pants that he took out and shoved in Ann's mouth.  She began to cry, and then Laze got up and grabbed her by her long blond hair and pulled her towards the barn!  She kicked and screamed but it did no good.  The years that Laze spent underground working in the near by coal mines made him strong.

As they approached the barn Laze grunted as he struggled to find the trap door that was an old fall out shelter in case anything happened.  Laze was prepared for the worst, his schizophrenic personality drove him to do many things that a normal sane person would consider odd. 

Then he found the door and pulled it up.  Ann noticed in shear terror the stench coming from the hole.  As Laze picked her up by her hair again and threw her down in the hole she went through several cob webs and then hit the cold dirt ground hard!  Laze walked down the wooden planks drawing the door closed as he approached the bottom.  Then he reached around and pulled a string which turned on a little old dim light. 

Ann began to tremble as the light spread she noticed some big rats!  Also she noticed what she thought was causing the stench, a dead deer with a hole in its side that the rats had been chewing on.  She screamed in pure terror, nothing came out, except laughter in the background coming from Laze.  He got up and walked over to the corner and came back with an ax!  Ann curled up and prepared for the worst, thoughts were racing through her head of her parents, and her friends, also why she had gotten in the old jeep in the first place.  None of this mattered now, Laze had her alone and he was going to release years of depression and anger on Ann.

Showing no mercy, Laze raised his hands above his head with the ax shining off the dim light.  Ann began to move her eyes all around the room in terror, and she noticed the rats eating the deer from the inside out.  Thoughts were racing very fast, she wondered if the rats would be eating her soon, or if Laze would change his mind as he held the ax above his head in a crazed psychotic laughter! 

Then without warning Laze began to scream aloud, "Ahhh, you dirty little whore, I am going to make you suffer like I have suffered after all these years!  your father is fine, but that bastard fired me years ago, and now you are going to pay for what he did to me!" 

It turns out that Ann's father Bill was Lazes' supervisor in the old meat packing plant in town.  After years in the mines Laze began to have trouble breathing from all the coal dirt, so he took a job cleaning up at the local meat packing plant.

Ann was totally defenseless as she screamed in terror, nothing was coming out though because of the rag in her mouth.  Without any second thoughts, Laze swung the ax and chopped off Ann's foot!  The blood began to flow as Ann passed out.  Laze went to a knee and then reached down and began to touch the blood.  He smelled it and thought of the days spent alone, cutting himself, the pain, the anger, and everything else.  He then tasted Ann's blood, and again repeated this. 

Ann suddenly awoke and was breathing very heavily.  What she didn't know is that her foot was totally chopped off.  The rats then came towards her foot, they began to chew and squeal.  Fighting over the foot, Laze groaned at them and began to swing the ax at them as Ann watched in pain and terror.  He then raised the ax again and suddenly he heard a noise out side. 

He quickly turned off the light and whispered to Ann, "If you make one sound I will chop off your head." 

She remained silent, but in pain and was bleeding profusely. 

The lights coming up the drive way began to shine towards the barn, and then they went out.  Laze slowly climbed up the old splintered wooden planks and slowly open the old trap door.  What he seen would shock him. 

It was Ann's father Bill, it turns out one of her friends called Ann's house looking for her and when her mother Andrea told her friend she wasn't home the friend noted that she had gotten in an old rusty colored jeep with a middle aged bearded man.  Ann's mother knew right away it was the crazed psychotic Laze that her husband fired years ago and spoke of from time to time.  She then ran into the living room and told Bill, and he immediately grabbed his car keys and headed out of town for Lazes' house!  He knew the talk around town of Laze, and he was very worried.

Just as he began to get out of the car Laze quietly closed the trap door and slid an old cement block on it, and then he walked in the dark towards Bill. 

Bill heard a noise and spotted Laze coming out of the barn.  He said, "Hey, where the hell is my daughter, tell me now or I am calling the police!" 

Laze laughed and said, "Go ahead you son of a bitch, try to call them!" 

Laze knew that there was no cell phone service over the mountain on his property.  As he approached Ann's father her father noticed blood on his hands and pants.  He then turned and started to rush to get back into the car as Laze grabbed him from behind and threw him to the ground. 

Then out of no where came screams, "Help, I am down here, help me please!"  Ann had apparently gotten the old greasy rag out of her mouth and once again she could be heard!

The two men began to fight, Laze punched Bill in the face repeatedly knocking out his teeth!  The blood began to run from Bill's mouth, and again seeing the blood Laze zoned out. 

This was Bill's chance, he noticed Laze was not all together with reality.  Bill kicked Laze in the groin area and right away Laze fell to the ground and moaned.  Bill tried to get up but the repeated blows to the head caused him to become dizzy and very sick.  As he went to get up Laze having the super human psychotic strength he did, punched Bill in the head, and then the throat. 

Bill began to gasp for air, then Laze reached into his dirty and bloody pants pocket and pulled out his pocket knife.  He opened it up and raised it in the air and then stabbed Bill in the chest area!  Bill began to scream in terror, his life flashed before him, he noticed the dark moonless sky, he noticed Lazes' psychotic facial expression, and then he noticed a foul odor.    Laze stabbed him again in the stomach, Bill began to bleed profusely!

Looking down on Bill then Laze stuck his finger's in Bill's open stomach wound and began to taste his blood. 

Bill thought for sure it was the end, he would never see his wife again, his friends, family, and then he suddenly thought of Ann. 

As Laze continued to watch Bill bleed and taste his blood he felt a real sharp pain in his back.  Bill had already passed out in pain, losing blood profusely!  Laze began to feel light headed and he noticed the pain coming from his back was an ax wound. 

In the scuffle Ann managed to free herself and grabbed the old bloody ax and hobbled up the old wooden planks in a fight for her life.  Just as she reached the top she pushed and knew something was weighing the door down.  As she pushed, the old trap door would open only a few inches and then go closed on her.  She placed the ax between the open trap door and the barn floor and used it to pry the door open.  She then crept towards the noise behind the car noting it was her father's car under the dim arc light. 

Ann approached a zoned out Laze and then lifted the ax in terror with all her strength and slammed it down into the middle of Lazes' back!  The blow was enough to knock the wind out of his old dusty coal filled lungs.  He gasped for air, and then he fell onto Bill who then awoke.

Ann went over to her father, she was bleeding very badly as her foot was missing.  She noted to herself how badly her father was bleeding from the head and chest areas. 

Her father said, "Help me get this maniac off me sweetie so we can go for help!" 

Ann then pulled with all her might and her father pushed in pain as Laze turned over on his side, the ax stopping him from rolling over completely.  She helped her father up as they tried to make for the car which was near by. 

As they approached the driver's side door Ann asked her father if he was well enough to drive? 

Bill replied, "Just get me in the car so we can get the hell out of here, quickly Ann!" 

Just as Ann reached for her father's arm to push him in the car, she was suddenly ripped backwards. 

Laze was once again showing his anger and disgust for Bill, all those years of sitting in his house, cutting himself because he was an outcast.  The psychotic episode gave him incredible strength.  Ann hit the ground hard and was almost knocked unconscious.

He grabbed Bill and yanked him out of the car!  He then jumped on Bill and stuck his finger's in Bill's stomach, then he began to push and stuck his whole fist in Bill's stomach.  He reached deep in anger and madness and pulled out Bill's insides.  Bill slowly passed out and his life began to slip away.

Laze got up with the ax still in his back and picked up Ann by the throat.  She tried to scream again, but seeing her father lying on the ground now dead her strength faded.  In Ann's mind she was going to die for sure, she just wanted it to be quick.  Laze pulled her by the neck, her leg bleeding from the missing foot and now the dirt began to stick to her open wound, she passed out.

When Ann finally awoke there was light coming through the crack in the trap door.  She immediately knew she was once again in the hole beneath the barn floor.  As she looked down one of the rats was chewing on her leg, she stared, it was painless for Ann now.  She was obviously in shock, her wounded leg numb, her life ripped away, trapped in the dark dirty hole.

Then out of no where she heard footsteps in the barn, and then she heard a sound that she had not forgotten, and would never forget the rest of her life; A cough, and then, psychotic laughter! 

Ann began to scream in shear terror, and then she too began to laugh hysterically as she went insane.

At last finally a lonely, psychotic, recluse had something to do with his time. 


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