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My Angel

Hi there,  Im Taylah,and im 17, i have written this story about my journey to acceptance, both from others and myself, And my fight for self-confidence.


Here I go...


Schools great, i have friends, great ones at that, there's Kelly, Briyannah, Carly and Kylie. They are all super hot , tall, and have above average grades, and me... well, lets just say im not the prettiest rose, or the skinniest stalk that there is....


One day, we were all sitting underneath a tree on the feild at break time and i done the worst mistake of my life! I TOLD! "um, guys? i have to tell y'all a big secret, please dont tell! promise?" i started

"promise!" they all swore,

" ok well, the other day i saw a guy that i liked and walking next to him was a girl, i kinda thought she was hot too..."


they all dropped their chins and stared at me, baffled.

"w-w-w-what d-d-do you mean?' questioned Kylie

" well, im bi"

" by what?" she spoke

" no, not b.y, b.i, like b.i.s.e.x.u.a.l" i spelt for her " i like guys AND girls"


they still glared, as if they were off in pixie land but also still here in reality.


" OMG girls!" screamed Carly " like, im sorry Taylah, but thats like just way too like gross, we might like catch it or something!"

I teared up and they walked off, Kylie stared back and mouthed " i'm sorry" . Anyway it didnt matter to me, she walked off with the rest of them. Everyone on the field stared, and laughed, i ran back to class and cried in the toilets untill the bell rang. In class, Carly sat on the other side of the room and Briyannah sat with her, they both scowled at me whenever they caught my eye, also, occasionally they made a silent vomit action, wcich of course made me cry again, i was being rejected by my once-' best friends', most girls would bawl at this point. Kylie was Six rows in front of me, by this point, some one had  noticed my terribly state, Alex, he had Dark brown, spikey hair that sat perfectly above his ears, and bright green eyes that sparkled in the sunlight, he was tall and handsome, Carly liked him so i figured i should asnwer him if he talked to me. and soon enough he talked, " are you ok Taylah?"

" um... yeah...i guess"

" well that doesn't sound too good" he spoke softly and sympathetically "what is the matter?"

" well, i told" i stopped

" hey, you either tell me or Mr Artinson will hear about you crying! ok?" he spoke in a serious but jokey tone

"o-o-ok, but, but not now, after school ok?"


I, was going to talk to ALEX about my problems, "NO WAY! if my friends couldnt even take it, then HE certainly wont" i thought " but, maybe he will understand. NO! he wont! WAIT! its worth giving a try"


at lunch i felt like a seagull in a paddock full of cows, every one looked, i didnt know why, " am i ugly? do i smell? what is wrong with me?"


the day went slow.... to be continued

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