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Some times we pretend .

In the conner in the hall
My sister and I sit by the wall
Neither one of us can write or read

So looking at our books
With just a look
We pretend

Some times we pretend
To be big and tall

Some times we pretend
To be Kings and Queens,
Great and Small

Some times we prenend
We are picking flowers
On a warm day
Late in May

Some times we pretend
On a hot summers day in July
Floating on a rubber tire

Sometimes we pretend
In December Chirstmas Day
Sitting by the fire
Opening toys and
Ready to play

Some times we pretend
To fly way up high
Above the clouds in the sky

When its raining
Some times we pretend
That the sun is shinny bright
And we are outside flying our Kite

So even though you cant read yet
You can still pretend.
So grab a book
Come along with us
And take a look

You too can pretend .

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